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I can't find a way to fight sizuka's ultimate.

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Always make sure to have tag off cooldown when fighting Sizuka. Tagging out when she starts ultimate makes her lose target and that nullifies the ultimate.


Also, make sure to stick close to allies since Sizuka's ultimate splits the damage between targets in range.

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Sizuka is supposed to be strong in 1v1 situation. If it's a decent player, he will force you to switch before ult-ing you. Unless it's a Sizuka/Ghost Widow, and he's using the ult to make you switch, so he can then ult you with GW.


Also, a lot of masters can avoid any dmg from this type of ult (Lilu, Kat, etc.). Just start being invul when you hear the sound before the ult really starts, easy. Works as well for a lot of single target ults, like Merope's.


And if you don't have a solid pick, well, don't try to take objectives alone. Sizuka is squishy and will go down easily in team fights (and as mentioned above, the ult dmg will be split between allies).


Good luck!

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