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I think independence port needs to be nerfed, mobs in that stage deal more dmg than my ardent masters with maxed skills and weapon upgrade with right fabled nodes, seems like attunement doesnt matter. Specially when you have an amount of mobs chasing you with aoe and skills that splits all over the place and other mobs that run faster than you and you have to avoid them all. All other timespace distortion dungeons I can do pretty fine, but independence seems the more difficult one. Compared to other stages it has a lot more of mobs to kill that deals higher dmg. And we have to fight 2 bosses + adds at the end.

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Not really much different from Fire Temple or Black Ram IMO - Ant Nest and Ascalon are the easy TSD's IMO, with Gludio in between. I saw so many people getting wrecked by Poho's arena mechanics or Kro's relentless spray getting my 360 patches and bows. Currently I'm at 280 badges. Attunement and AoE definitely does matter on Port.


My prefered rig so far? V-Merang:L3 Weapon Damage Augment, L6 Arcblade and Backspin Blade) and Ignuma:L3 Damage, L6 Pyrobarrier and any other skill. Same nodes for both because I haven't bothered to fully optimize, all Legendary non-(+): 2 Synergistic Offensive or 1 and 1 Critical Offensive, Resting Defensive, Crackling Auxiliary, 2 Synergistic Auxiliary. I'm sure it's possible to do better but this works. Basic concept is roughly the same... 1 DPS Master and 1 Sustain Master, possibly a healer, but generally not for stages that call for Ardents. Moro is a good substitute for Ignuma but requires more effort to play and isn't quite as indestructable. Poharan, Taejin or Kromede can do the DPS role well but I definitely prefer V-Merang and Poharan in that slot over the other 2. Title Buff? Fish-King.


Tactics-wise, some of the main points are which mobs need to die ASAP, and what environmental features and positioning can help. There are several forklifts on this stage, they blow up for damage to anything (friend or foe) nearby when damaged enough. There are 2 where Arkhan shows up for her midboss role, 1 can sometimes be used to get some extra damage on her and the other can cull some of the wave after she leaves. The room with the Mk2 bot has various platforms, getting on them can be helpful to reduce incoming attacks, especially for certain masters (e.g. Moro.) The Mk2 bot, the werewolves (not nightwolves,) and Arkhan are the most important targets to DPS down immediately, and also hit with CC if practical. The Mk2 has an unusually dangerous attack that can stunlock you into hit after hit and be very difficult to break, especially while you're trying to fight things. Hammering the Mk2 hard the instant it shows up (right after the first Mk1 in the room dies, always in the same place,) especially with V-Merang's ult and Backspin, can pretty much eliminate the threat - 2 V-Merangs can easily stunlock the Mk2 until it dies. Arkhan has somewhat annoying, fairly painful attacks but relatively little health; bursting her down is the way to go, especially in the Ghost Widow fight. Statesman leaves when Ghost Widow hits a certain HP threshold, regardless of the other combatants, so you can eliminate Arkhan while he's still present (tanking some of the fight) if you focus Arkhan and don't hurt Ghost Widow too much prematurely. That way by the time he leaves you're only dealing with Widow and a few fragile mooks. The werewolves after the midboss are the other notable hazard - they have a much more time-sensitive chain attack than the nightwolves. As usual, some focus fire makes everything easier. It can be worthwhile to stall a bit before killing enough nightwolves to make the werewolves jump in - if you build up enough ultimates, cooldowns and mana to really burst the nightwolves and both werewolves quickly, it considerably reduces the time they have to hurt you. Backspin is again worth a lot here, and having 2 Vs spamming it really trivializes the fight if used well. Note that Ignuma's durability and healing are so high that he can largely facetank most of this just spamming Pyrobarrier and his ult. Tagging to him and letting a Resting node bring your DPS Master back to full can work very well.


As for Ghost Widow herself, as noted above, you shouldn't be facing her without Statesman until Arkhan is already down for the count. With decent DPS, the mook adds should die quickly enough to be a non-issue - Arcblade has such a wide area it will tend to destroy them pretty fast without even trying. Her large quasi-ult in the center of the arena fires in a spiral/circular pattern that doesn't quite reach the edge the vast majority of the time, leaving the corners as major safe zones. Stay on the edge when it's up and move from corner to corner to dodge the other attacks during it, though Ignuma is typically so durable he can largely ignore it. When she dashes (which is telegraphed) she will follow it with a drain tether to someone nearby - be ready to tag, and if you can't, try not to be in range when she finishes the dash, or be invulnerable using a survival skill, Conversion Battery, etc at that time. If she still tags you with the drain, run away if practical, but you're going to need to get at least half the arena away to break it. Some degree of coordination to keep the drain from hitting the same person more than once or twice in a row, to ensure whoever gets drains can tag out of it and/or have the hp to tank it, can further help. The ghosts aren't a threat until the attack ends, where they all damage in a large AE, so plan accordingly. The triple shots also burst into very similar large AEs at the end of their travel.

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I think IP is fine the way it is. It is about the only timespace dungeon that gives me a shred of excitement since it is at least bit challenging in comparison to the others. I should however add though that it is designed to be ran in a 3p party. So if you have been running it solo in extreme I'd say you can safely pug it -- most of the people are experienced and know what to do.


Some examples of solid picks are Taejin (inspiring presence), Poharan/Kromede (DPS), Moro/Vita (heals) and V-Merang/Jinsoyun (cc; ringblade barrier is op in this stage, and the ccs just make the minibosses a lot more fun). Also note that you get a unique "C" skill in this stage that is very good, so don't hesitate to use it.


The main catch in this stage is that there are certain targets you'll want to focus down as quickly as possible (Taejin's buff > tag to DPS master > C and/or ult) and/or bury under chain cc. Those mobs are:

  • Zenith Mk.II (large black robot) in the hangar area
  • Arakhn (near the parking lot;  quickly blow up the forklift truck behind her when she spawns)
  • The large werewolves that appear in the area just beyond.

On the boss fight itself you'll want to burst down Arakn right at the start before turning your attention to Ghost Widow.

Once you/your group gets the focus part down you can also experiment with other things like pulling mobs as taejin, dropping them off near a forklift truck, and then quickly busting it for mass damage and cc.

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Actually I play with moro or vita depending which masters my team chooses, but mostly Moro/Jinsoyun or Moro/V-merang. I honestly dont like to play ardent masters, at least the ones I have so far. I actually do pretty well with jinsoyun and moro because of their aoe dps/heal skills. Moro I use mp nodes what gives him chance to spawn more robos, and jinsoyun with her pull+ult what usually kill many mobs faster and also heals (pull skill) + shield. I usually don't die. But most of people I go with die in the first 2 parts of the map. I usually get ranks A or B, never got a rank S. 

Despite doing really well with jin and moro, at the last boss it is hard to keep jinsoyun with hp, when someone else dont bring a healer and I usually play only with moro, healing members and hardly I can DPS.

It is challenging I have to agree with you guys, but I am not much into pve so maybe thats the reason why. Other maps I've played went smoother than this. The only problem is thatI spent around 3 hours to get 45 items and I still need 45 more to upgrade GW weapon after recruiting her as a master. so I couldnt do nothing else in the game. Usually when I am on I want to be able to dailies and arena.

When I have patience I will try again. Thanks a lot for your tips and answers <3.

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