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WTF am i suppose to do !!

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45 minutes ago, Argo said:

He is absolutely right. I've have seen your type of plays. You do jungle while rest of the team is either pushing or doing objectives. You use some trigger happy masters that you can kill retreating enemies like siz, jyn. Then brag about your high score points. While your were a liability to your team every time it mattered.


I started like that with sizuka, used to get 10+/1 100+ stats, but always lost my games.

no im blind

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8 hours ago, g2wolf said:

Or, he's doing it because your post is wrong. He doesn't have a lot of assists because he's the one landing the killing blow. He's averaging 75% kill participation. He's got -184- points in one of these screenshots, almost outscoring his entire team combined. He's singlehandedly responsible for spawning nearly 2 titans, while he's got a teammate that's not even averaging 1 point per minute.... You are focusing on all the wrong stats for trying to determine how it's somehow his fault he's getting matched with 2-3 teammates that cannot carry their own weight at all.

I think you need to learn the definition of Opinion friend.

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17 hours ago, ShiroYashaa said:


1.) i have been there to fight every single team fight at every game i had!

2.)My assist low yes you know why ? i am the one who is starting almost every tf at every game and i am the one who is almost getting over 90k damage at every single game i don't remember me getting anything else but damage reward at the end of the game that just proves i have been at the every single "TF" even when my team did not!
3.)You are so blind that u can't even see my score and jungle an avarage 15 jungle every single game and while others pushes the lane with vonak it doesn't take much to take them and i gank them after taking jungles every single game and that way i can clearly get much more points and pressure by spawning "titan" on the enemy team and i can easly go and solo bosses like i did every single game if u were not to blind u could have realized from my score!
4.)And lastly it is so clear that u have not EVEN READ!!! Anything i have said i have clearly said "things i am doing is nothing and everyone can do it and i don't want to win but HAVE FUN!" so fixing matchmaking is the only hope for me to have fun since i am unlucky! And i am pretty sure i am not the only one here...


I have been toxic af

I have been helpfull and asked and told them what to do

I have been mute and did not speak at all

I have been mad and talked to myself while playing


i have tried all of them but none changed my luck to better since it is not possble and  i couldn't had any fun iether way...

stop doing jungle is the answer.


use your skills to turn over important objectives and win the team fights that matter. If you get to the point that you are a lot higher stop jungling immediately, its a waste of your level difference.


the most important objectives are the altars and the towers, all the jungle is bonus, and its actually best to use them as needed.



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Thank you!

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