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At first I thought the idea of a “true” multiplayer game was wonderful. I actually believed we would be able to have true body flight as well as be able to design how each of our characters would look, monster, cowboy, tall, short, fat, thin, etc. the mission were terrible. The flight was ludicrous the choice of player designed costumes was non- existent. Mt right hand is partially disabled from my tour in the US military.  Therefore it  took almost all of my concentration to figure out how NOT to use my mouse to guide my character. Here’s, in part, my submission  from before: “…..I still would prefer to be able to use my mouse as the primary controlling hardware instead of using various keys. Not all people are skilled typist cannot automatically find W. A. S, D, Q, or E  even though they are all grouped together. In addition there are some with hand or which struggle with finger disabilities and are able only to use one hand. Allowing the option of dedicating the mouse to be available as primary Hero controller would not be much of a developers challenge.”

Closing comment:

I’ve played in several NCSOFT’s Closed Beta game  releases and not one was as unready as MxM was. It was if the developers just threw it together without using xxmp,  or even C++. I’ll be cautious the next invitation I receive from NCSOFT. I believe the devs wanted the  truth and waited until I could express it as clearly as possible. I’m still a huge fan of NCSOFT and   still cannot understand or has anyone I know heard why they are so reluctant if not downright arrogant about bringing back City of Heroes. That’s just the documentable truth.


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Are you sure you are talking about Master x Master? 


- Games that let you choose your appearance are MMORPGs not MOBAs

- It's pretty normal to not have "costumes" during the BETA version of a game since IT'S ON BETA...

- There is a mouse movement mode i tried it and my friend used it because she's not used to move using WASD


Crying about a death game is useless, City of heroes will never come back no matter how much you cry.

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