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  1. Confirmation on match making

    Then thats a great reason to keep the confirmation, if you don't confiurm then it means you aren't focused in the game atm (probably afk) and your team will have a disadvantage once the game starts
  2. Arami has a mobile game

    Awesome, i want both the game and comic in english please XD
  3. the toxicity in this game

    3 steps to deal with toxic pleayers: - Repot - Block - Enjoy Don't follow their game... if you keep feeding them you are even worst than they are, are you will surely become a toxic player in the near future, so next time just ignore them, report, and block them if they deserve it, and then enjoy the game
  4. WTF am i suppose to do !!

    Some Things to know: - The game mode you are playing currently is "Normal Mode" is a non-ranked mode so everyone, new and skilled players can be paired in the same team since there's no rank difference between them - Titan Ruins is an Objective based game, not a Deathmatch - 5v5 mean 5 players agains other five players (Oh we have an Einstein here huh...) and that basically means 1 thing TEAMWORK, if you are skilled enough to get an awesome score with lots of kills and points, you can also talk to your teammates and guide them. So to answer your question Question: WTF AM I SUPPOSE TO DO !! Answer: PLAY AS A TEAM!!!!
  5. The survey I tried to submit

    Are you sure you are talking about Master x Master? - Games that let you choose your appearance are MMORPGs not MOBAs - It's pretty normal to not have "costumes" during the BETA version of a game since IT'S ON BETA... - There is a mouse movement mode i tried it and my friend used it because she's not used to move using WASD Crying about a death game is useless, City of heroes will never come back no matter how much you cry.
  6. Just A Video Of NA CBT Closure

    Those last moments......
  7. I'll listen to this song everday and night while waiting... Pd.: we almost did it Ghost5... so close T-T