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  1. Greetings! Please submit a ticket to our Customer Support for further assistance. Thank you!
  2. Greetings, While we do appreciate constructive discussions, we will not tolerate any offensive comments or posts against another member of our community. Please keep the PvP in the game and always make sure to respect our forum’s Code of Conduct (CoC). Offensive posts have been removed. This thread is now closed.
  3. Greetings, Discussion of moderation and disregarding the instructions of moderators or other staff is not allowed. This thread is now closed.
  4. Greetings, Since the arguments in this thread have been exhausted and it has derailed into mainly discussing other players and off-topic subjects, it is now closed. Please be reminded of our Code of Conduct. Thank you.
  5. Greetings, In order to avoid duplicates, I am locking this thread up as it is already being discussed here:
  6. Greetings! I am locking this thread up as it is already being discussed here:
  7. Greetings! Since this thread has been derailed into a player argument rather than a constructive discussion, it is now closed. Please remember our forums's Code of Conduct, to keep things civil and to always discuss the subject of the thread, not each other. PvP belongs into the game, not our forums. Thank you!
  8. Greetings! I am locking this thread up since it is already being discussed here:
  9. Greetings! Please submit a ticket to our Support so that they can have a look at your specific setup and possible causes with you. Thank you!
  10. Greetings! Thanks a lot for the report. We have forwarded this issue to the developers :) Enjoy the game!
  11. Hello again! No problem! Let me put a little sweetener on top and tell you that the launch has now been officially announced for June 21: Hang in there! We're almost there :)
  12. Greetings Codelegacy, As mentioned by Hellacious, our servers are currently offline. We do, however, plan for a release in the summer, so feel free to join our Newsletter to stay up-to-date about further news :)
  13. Greetings! We are currently planning for a release in the summer. Sign up for our Newsletter in the meantime to stay tuned: :)
  14. Hallo zusammen, Die Foren sind jetzt wieder online, und alle, die an einer unserer Alphas oder der letzten Closed Beta teilgenommen haben, sollten nun wieder Beiträge hinzufügen können. Solltet ihr weiterhin keine Kommentare hinzufügen oder neue Beiträge erstellen können, obwohl ihr an einem unserer Spieltests teilgenommen habt, so reicht bitte ein Ticket bei unserem Support ein. Vielen Dank und viel Spaß in den Foren!
  15. Greetings Arrepentido, If your friend thinks his account has been banned wrongly and he would like to appeal his ban, please have him send an email directly to They will then review this ban. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss such issues on the forums. Thank you!