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  1. I am very worried

    The game was actually much more active before, I mean your screen would be full of people not like how it is in your picture, everyone had high hopes for it in alpha and so on, myself included, but we learned very quickly that the dev's don't really listen to their community at all. When they announced the launch a little after beta I was very surprised, because they still had a lot of work to be done, that I felt and so did others before releasing the game. Hell another beta test should have been done, they never really did any marketing, and what little they did didn't really describe what the game was about. There was no communication with the community, really no incentives for doing PVE (it got repetitive), ranked MM has always been shit, noobs being placed with plat's and higher in ranked que was horrible, i mean the list goes on. Sad what happened to the game, but hopefully another company saw the possibilities and is working on making a better version of MXM in the future.
  2. Limbo queue?

    Well toxic behavior can be defined in multiple ways, most of the ways ppl describe toxic is pretty stupid and the word is just thrown out as soon as you decide to correct someone on your teammates without being "nice" they will just say stop being toxic, also some people are just douches and will report you cause they just suck, sorry but that is just how it goes.

    Kal and Noya! sorry I haven't been on much i'll be in touch soon though, also sorry that happened that sucks, you guys put in so much work and to not get rewarded just wrong. Also @PhoenixMitra this isn't all about players behavior, so submitting a ticket would be smart to do, but posting here was a good idea, also allows new ppl to come see the games type of management, which sadly idk if there is any anymore lolololol.
  4. after preseason

    sadly this game is dying, a slow, slow death. They do not listen to their community, a lot of ppl quit at the beginning because ranked was not added, than they add it but time lock it cutting out a lot of people on the east coast, than they take ranked away after preseason the exact reason a lot of ppl quit because of no ranked so you take it away........loss for words. Since the population has dropped I have noticed the games have come a lot laggier, than there is the shit MM system and not to mention the stupid ranked MM system pitting soloque's vs duo's, and the boosting. A lot of the problems have been there for a long time, I still do not understand why ncsoft decided to release a game that needed to be fleshed out some more, seriously just jumped the gun to make some quick cash it seems like, because your store items are stupid expensive, and subscription isn't even worth it. Way to screw up a game with some real potential, maybe next time you listen to your community. Also being active with the people keeping your game afloat helps, at least so we know what is planned for the future, but it is kind of clear what mxm's future is going to be. GG ncsoft.
  5. Ranked requierements

    what is the difference? a master tier list compares all the ranged masters as well, holy shit.
  6. Ranked requierements

    There is already a master tier list made, it has been out for more than a month.
  7. Is it really a skill based game?

    OK so clearly you can't read, you should read the last line of my post again about Jinsoyun. Also I used your list (and clearly stated I edited it, like I said READ + Comprehend) because there would be no point to make another list with the same abilities(work smarter not harder), and yes I put my own opinion, and no I don't care at all if you're insulted, and the fact you feel insulted over this is pretty PETTY, now for some reason you decided to remark on you sharing "MY OPINION", which again I never said you did, try to keep up. Also Maxium Exposure, you point to an area and click and a large ass pad appears immediately, with a huge range (basically anywhere on the visible screen you can ult) pulling you to the center, thats basically as good as point click, though you can dodge it, so its not as unforgiving. Next Duality slam is point click, you just take your 'pointer" and click the button thats its, but duality slam only makes a lil bit of a difference, depending on what is happening. I could care less about Maia or DK both masters are trash anyway, Skull Crack is a "toggle" if thats how you want to look at it, or u just click a button and next basic atk stuns, easily countered. If you notice on your list "I" <---(keyword) edited, I didn't really say anything else besides that. Maia isn't that great and DK isn't either, though DK is nasty in pve for breaking bosses, he only excels slightly at harassing the other team, barely. So I honestly don't know what your reply is about. You're upset I used your list and you took it the wrong way? Sounds like "YOU"<---(another keyword) have a problem.
  8. Is it really a skill based game?

    I fixed your list and removed those without point clicks, and amazingly most of the people on here are high dmg, high tier masters. I think i play against a mix of these masters daily, every game there is a rytlock, vmerang, tulam, lilu, vita ya that looks like a normal team right there. Granted I mostly play poharan and nanu, because it just feels better getting kills that requires timing, aiming, and good use of my skills, not just being able to click on someone and get free dmg cause it auto hits them. Ah wouldn't let me correct Jinsoyun my bad I was thinking of her other skill. Ya Air dash is a point-click and has a slow it used to be a stun though.
  9. Ranked requierements

    I agree she does a lot of dmg, though top tier master not according to tier lists, there are better long range marskmen. Also gatling jump as much as i like it, is interruptable. Tulam can charge you, tunnel, or ult you out of your gatling jump. Sizuka or anyone with a stun can stop your gatling jump as well, mid jump, because you are not invuln or cc immune during. Bunny hop is a nice dodge though its 160 stam and stam is only 200, now you could boost a bit with 20% stam nodes to get 2 bunny hops, but sadly it provides no cc immunity or invuln as some other long range marksmen. Also poharans basic atk is easy to dodge, now if you are good you will land more AA's of course, but if not poharan can be a very hard master to play with. So yes tier C-B master, and yes blitz grenade is a great skill with high dmg as long as u hit with it, but since it is a skill shot it is harder to land. Also taking gatling jump you get an escape but you lose dmg, though it is fun to use gatling jump to jump over walls or obstacles. Suppresing fire would provide you a slow+dmg to stop people from closing in as quickly.
  10. So what's up with Lorraine's staggering attacks

    Wrong it doesnt have a chance to spawn a random roll of buffs, nanus ultimate will always spawn the same buffs in the same location. At lvl 3 you will get 2 ? bundles 1 is invis bundle that is the closest one to nanu always and the shock bundle, which is what causes the staggering every basic atk for 10 seconds is the furthest ? bundle from nanu always. At lvl 6 u get a 3rd ? bundle in the middle that is CD reduction. So again its not random always the same and always in same spot.
  11. Is it really a skill based game?

    Lets see- Tulam's charge, Lua's charge, Vita's sheep and Debuff (cant remember the abil name), Sizuka snap strike, Sonids Ult, Kat's Ult, Dk's skullcrack(though u gotta be melee range anyway), Bumaro's cling (should be dodgeable), Lilu's bird of Prey (yes u can dodge it if you get out of range, if you're in range you hope they misclick and her ult, Ghost Widow ( i dont use her but i know her ult and 1 or 2 abils is non skill shot), I want to say Yuri but i haven't used her, but it seems like she has 1 or 2 point click abils. I'll just make a list and post it later trying to do this from memory.
  12. Death knight is useless

    Phys, tulams charge is not a skill shot, his tunnel is, his ult is aoe based but its a quick aoe with decent size radius, also I didn't say any specifics on which masters, but it was a general statement of change everything to skill shots to actually make this a skill based game. Also sizuka ya u can stop her stun that is assuming she didn't take invis, now most wouldn't invis snap strike, but I have seen a few do it, though a titan sight would easily take care of the invis, but you also lose out on a rather nice heal. You just counted what, The amount of masters you have played against? hell i have played against all them if that is the case, but lets be honest not all 28 of those masters are very good, a lot of mediocre while a good handful are just way above them.
  13. Can you really call this a skill based game when majority of the higher tier masters that most people use, have non skill shot abilities? I mean if you wanted a truly skill based game, you would not have point click abilities, everything would be a skill shot to land, that way it requires "SKILL" to hit people.
  14. Titan Incarnates are slaughtering my team

    Ya this isn't just an issue in normals, this shit happens in ranked as well since ranked requirements are a joke. Also everyone prefers to have teammates who know how to deal with an incarnate, honestly they are simple to deal with, but sadly not everyone knows how. So again yes we ALL would "prefer" teammates like that, but sadly that doesn't happen because of their crap mm system, also time lock makes it impossible for someone like me to do ranked since i work night's EST so I am at work when ranked is open, I might be able to get 1 game in before leaving for work and since I solo que i am already at a disadvantage, than you get paired with noobs some whom have never played a TR match before but hit lvl 40+ doing stages and what not yay!, thanks ncsoft!
  15. Ranked requierements

    If they really want this game to be competitive and skill based they need to up the requirements for ranked, improve their shit mm system, change "ALL" non-skill shot based abils to skill shot's that way it actually requires "SKILL" to use masters, ex-Poharan C-B tier master ALL skill shots, no cc immunity or any kind of invulnerabilty. Sizuka,lilu,lua,tulam,kat the list goes on of these higher tier masters that have a bunch of high dmg skills or CC skills that are not "SKILL" shots, most also get cc immunity or some type of invulnerability, it takes away from the whole basis of a "SKILL" based competitive game, and fix your servers, unlock ranked so it isn't time locked, since they basically cut off a whole bunch of people from being able to play ranked (whomever had that bright idea of time lock is an idiot). Basically same shit I and others have been saying since alpha and before, like I said they do not listen to their community.