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  1. Lol nedien is one of my favorite masters to play, though she does lack in a lot of area's and her self heal is great if you can get your stacks going. So to deal with her 1. dont let poison build on you, 2. kite her, nedien is super simple to deal with until she uses her ultimate, that is when she becomes extremely tough to deal with. Best course of action is back off and kite or cc lock down. Since i play nedien so much she isn't really a problem for me to deal with, i actually kind of just laugh when i see nedien's, as most don't understand where she really excels at, and I am not telling that because i don't want my nedien nerfed lol.
  2. yeah the mm is pretty bad. I mean here's what happens when a plat player goes up against gold silver and below, though not all plat players are very good considering low pop, and granted alpha i was master. This wasn't even my best match either.
  3. I don't think it is all a l2p issue, clearly knowing your masters and how to play always helps, there are reasons some chars are perma banned, its not because you know the person on the enemy team likes said char, it is because they can have a huge effect on the match given their capabilities in the right hands, compared to other hero's even in good hands won't swing a match much. Now granted i have no problem playing against these masters, being that last play test i hit master rank and this play test i really just did my placement matches for ranked, but got my intial placement in plat around the top 10 this time, it is possible to win against these masters, but if your team is full of newbies who don't know what the exploits are or hell even how the attunement system works, well needless to say it is not gonna be pretty. Now you may say "what are they playing ranked for if they do not understand the attunement system",good question I am not sure either, but it is going to happen, and now they place a larger burden on you and your teammates vs possible master exploits , though if these exploits didn't exist then maybe just maybe they might have a better chance at winning, though it is just beta so rank's do not mean much because of balancing issues, but i hope these problems are fixed before the release, because it would be upsetting to loose ranked matches due to master exploits, its almost like cheating.
  4. Poharan+Nedien Poharan+Merope Jinsoyun+Lorraine Nanu+Demenos so far these have been my favorite duo's to play, i have tried others but comfortability and flow wise i like how these comps feel, for pvp I mostly do Titan Ruins.
  5. Also, if you didn't notice under the Titan Ruins tab there was tutorial 1 which everyone had to do, its the quick basics of Titan Ruins, which does not explain much,but they also added Tutorial #2, which i did not do, because i did not have to but, according to the GM's tutorial #2 goes into much more depth of Titan Ruins like a lot more so if you are new or are confused, I suggest doing the tutorials like all the tutorials, but this is all i know about it by word from the GM's.
  6. Well most of what everyone has said so far is pretty spot on. Statesmen- I know the dev's are already working to fix this, but his Heroism+Dull Pain needs to not work on Towers, Titans, or Incarnates its just to much. A 10% max hp heal to a tower is a big chunk of health dull pain is a 9 sec cd already, and if someone runs nanu you can fill Statesmen ulty very quickly allowing him to run around and basically heal up all your towers very quickly and I mean quickly, faster then if vita and demenos worked together healing a tower.. So hopefully they take that mechanic away. Poharan- no problem with her skills hmmm, idk the fact Tulam can knock you out of the air mid gatling jump seems a lil broken to me. The fact she is jumping spraying bullets into the ground, yet tulam can tunnel take no dmg and knock you into the air while you are already in the air, this to me makes no sense. Gatling Jump should have some sort of CC invuln or her bunny hop should, because out of all the long range marksmen, Poharan is the only one without some sort of invulnerability or cc immunity. Sonid has his slide which he can use 2x costs 80 stam and avoids all dmg, Kromede has her shield and movement spd inc, what does poharan get Gatling Jump that can be interrupted by anything and a movement skill for a shorter distance then sonid, at the cost 160 stam so you can only use it once. She needs some sort of cc immunity or dmg nullification cause her survivability besides having higher defense which doesn't matter much really, when a merope 1 shots u or lorraine just runs around u in circles clicking her camera. Tulam- his weight of stone abil needs to be nerfed, 5 sec no stam, less weapon and skill dmg, and lower movement spd, i mean do you realize how long 5 seconds is in a team fight? its like eternity, you basically force a tag out with it or have to blow ur ults but guess what you have a 30% dmg reduction sooo ur ults gonna hit for jackshit, couldnt even block it with jinsoyuns shield, soo basically takes her out of the picture cause she can't block anything with no stam. then you add his tunnel and ult, god forbid they have a nanu+demenos on their team as well cause those 3 together will just face roll your entire team, tulam needs to be rebalanced basically. (Reminds me of one of my last matches, i called them the exploit team, cause they had a demenos, nanu, Kat, and tulam, and statesmen, and they knew the exploits, needless to say we didn't win that fight) Sizuka- Her ulty, should not hit someone who is x amount of distance away from the casting location, its silly as hell to think that she casts, and you can use a movement to get away, but if u were in it she still hits you from like 20 meters away then reappears in her current location, come on really? Plus she gets invulnerability while using it, now granted only a few ppl knew how to really take advantage of sizuka, thank god others didn't figure out how to play her. Life steal, with high energy you can basically spam snap strike someone stunning them over and over, until they are low enough to use thousand cuts or they use their ult and you just want to avoid all dmg. Kat- broken fix plz enough said Vita- I hate her just cause she hard counters jinsoyun with her sheep and slows and shields, like fuk vita lol. Lorraine- I am up in the air on her, i know her movement speed and the fact she can hit people through walls or objects is crazy, but actually her movement speed is only affected when she uses Speed shooting which drains her mana pretty quickly, the skills give her 100% movement speed for 1 sec everytime they hit, so do what i did against lorraines, run out their mana and she is basically useless. Her ult is ok, the fact people can just jump and get out of is kind of silly, like jinsoyuns ult(most people didnt realize if you just jump over the electricity you wont get hit by it, or use certain abil's that launch ur masters backwards, like lua's shrapnel rocket can move you through jinsoyuns ult with no dmg taken, kind of stupid), same with lorraines you can jump or dodge out of it to the side, but not through it. (Speaking of moving through things, there are a decent amount of masters with right click movement skills that can slide through the wooden gates on the sides of the lanes, leaving the wall intact and with no dmg on it, like eirna or nedien just to name two, i didn't know anyone had the ability to phase through solid matter.) Vonak- his capability for killing mosnters is pretty OP, i played him a decent amount times, and i don't think i killed mosters faster with any other masters, not even with poharan and her blitz grenade maxed out and that does impact dmg+burning 4x if you have all ur stacks+ her basic atk at the same time, she can solo every monster on the map easily by like lvl 6 even Khazor but, vonak just tears through them like its nothing. The nanu-demenos shock chain is ridiculous and to OP needs to be fixed, so far the worst I have seen this exploit was one match a guy had close to 800 lockdowns from his demenos, really 800? It made complete sense too cause we were getting rolled so hard, and in team fights we couldn't really do anything. Even trying to focus down their nanu, he is just so fast its hard to catch him and lock him down, unless ur gonna stun lock him but in higher ranked matches, the likely hood of you catching someone alone is very slim
  7. @Yoda actually, if you are being attacked from the spawn point while you are pushing the enemies core, you can attack anyone inside the spawn point as long as they are engaged in combat, if they are standing in the healing area, where u have to move to to turn in a titan shard, it takes them out of combat and heals, allows infinite swap etc, but if they move down the ramp where the healing and all that stops, but not outside the gate, you can hit those people if they are fighting from behind the gate, i have killed many people in their own spawn cause they thought they were invulnerable, but remember if they did not engage in combat after moving into the healing radius area of the spawn, then yes they won't take any dmg even if they stand at the gate, but u can still shoot the people behind them if they are firing at you.
  8. My only feedback is, master balance needs work, snowballing needs work, the titan incarnate needs to be hit with the nerf hammer hard, put something in your tutorial telling people how to ping the damn map!, better match making i understand its play test but placement match people should not be getting matched with plat,expert,master ranked people its crazy. Allow 5v5 teams please, i watched those damn streams that people were hosting with Valor in them, no way all those people got put on the same damn teams every time, ur telling me 5 people qued up at once and got put on the same team each time or vs each other each time? My guess it was for promotional purposes, still bs if you ask me, make those streaming *cricket*ers play against normal people and rank up like we had two instead of allowing them to play against each other, idc if they are pro's in another game either we only got to que with two people, hell if i had my choice i would have made a team with some of the top players just to steam roll over people and guarantee not having to be paired with noobs or risk rank lose cause of afk people, but its play test so i am sure you will put in a 5v5 option, also *cricket* those streamers we had better games anyway lol, and i still want my 1v1 you know who i am talking to if you read this, banning sizuka *cricket*!
  9. Ah feedback well here is mine from someone who broke into the top 10 and hit master rank before just tooling around and not caring anymore. For the play test i played Zagbok ended at lvl 68 ranked like 23rd in the top 100 and plat tier, though i was a lot higher before the last day only cause i started loosing a bunch trying things with masters or just tooling around the map not caring about winning or loosing. So here is a quick tutorial for those who were a little lost in titan ruins, which was a lot of people i noticed through out the entire play test. At first it was a little tough to understand how to get a high score or just level up your master in the game, as it seemed like some people could just fly to level 18 and you were only level 12, needless to say that level 18 hero is about to snowball your entire team.....looking at you zeronothing lol. So first off if you are new, find a easy master to play at first get used to the movement mechanics and timing of the game and your skills. -turn on smart cast, this will help you out a lot -learn to lane, i don't know how many times i had to tell people to clear their lane before engaging in a fight or contesting the altars. Clearing your lane not only lets your minions push providing you with sight further down line to see if enemies are coming, they also provide you with damage against those masters. I would much rather fight 2 masters with minions on my side helping, most of the time people just ignored the minions and would try to fight eventually dying it happened a lot. This is especially important when taking altars. Clear your lane! - To level up, the jungle mobs provide decent amount of xp but no points to your team for a titan, they do give some good buffs though, so in between your laneing try to pick off a jungle mob, killing both will level someone up if they have 0 experience gained for that level. If you are solo laneing you gain more experience then those who are duo laneing, as the experience for the minions is split between the two or its just given to the person who gets the killing hit not to sure on that part, but you will always notice the solo laner is usually higher level than those who are duo. Try to stay in your lane as long as you can, don't worry if you have to fall back. -WATCH YOUR MINIMAP! it so simple but people don't, most of the time people will say "why didn't you ping?", good question it took a while for me to figure out how to even ping in MXM its not explained at all in the tutorial and i am not sure if its in the settings anywhere. So if you do not know how to ping and no on one your team knows, WATCH YOUR MINIMAP, this way you can help your teammates out and win, instead of just doing your own thing and then wondering why your teams getting their ass kicked. - Attunements are very very simple! in terms of advantages over different attunements is thus- Red>Green or Ardent gets at 15% dmg increase vs Helix (red>green) , Helix gets 15% dmg increase over Kinetic (Gree>Blue), Kinetic gets 15% dmg increase over Ardent (Blue>Red), now the opposite effect happens if u go in reverse. Ardent -15%dmg to Kinetic, Kinetic -15%dmg to Helix, Helix -15% dmg to Ardent, it really is simple. So if you were playing say Vonak and you got shredded by Poharan there is a good reason, poharan has a 15% dmg increase against Vonak and Vonak does -15% dmg to poharan. THIS DOES NOT mean you can't kill Poharan with Vonak it is just not going to be as easy as say Erina (Kinetic) vs Poharan (Ardent). -The Guardian Chamber oh boy how fun this was, The Guardian is very easily soloable the two different ones that spawn in their have very very easy patterns to learn, learn the patterns you will not die. Now when to do the Chamber Guardian varies per match and who you are fighting. If you are behind in points and the enemy team has a Titan pushing on your mid lane and you see only maybe 2 masters visible on the map, more then likely the other 3 masters are doing the chamber boss in an attempt to get another Titan. So what to do. Well if you have Titan Incarnate ready you can go in and transform and get a quick team wipe, or you defend like most people did and not realize what was happening and the other team gets another titan and now your down by another 75-100 points or your entire team kills their titan and then moves to the chamber boss, the amount of time you have to do this depends on what level you are because at lvl 18, 3 people can bring the chamber boss down very quickly. So basically coordinate with your team on when to do this, or take it upon yourself to wait for an advantageous push to where you know you will have lots of time to solo him. -Altar Guardians very simple since i touched on lanening already, DO NOT! try to capture the damn altars when your enemy team has a titan pushing, unless! they are all 5 pushing up the mid lane and just ignoring the altars. Most players who know what is going on will go after the altars especially if their team has a titan. So if your like most people i saw who would try to capture an altar while your team is defending a titan, you will be the person who gets jumped and killed by the enemy team because you are alone and then you will say "wtf guys the altar", btw a notice goes out letting EVERYONE know when the altars are up. Also if you don't keep that lane pushed the enemy team will know you are their because they will see you with their minions sight, soo keep that lane pushed and communicate with your team. Now it is possible if you have a good team and you talk, to have 3 defend a titan push while 2 capture an altar or some other variation, if you watch your minimap you can usually tell where the enemy is going to be, either by sight towers or by minions, but most people i am assuming don't look at their maps, as this happened way to often i saw with them ending up killing the altar guardians just to get jumped at the end and loose it, thus giving the enemy team an altar and points cause ur dead nj! Oh btw when ur dead you do no damage, so you can't help defend anything putting your team at a disadvantage in case that isn't clear. -COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM! shouldn't have to explain this but, people are very quiet in the game, most people didn't talk at all. I know i talked a lot and i know i pissed off a lot of people for telling them they were stupid for wasting the incarnate or asking why would you try to solo the altar when we are defending against their titan and they are coming to kill you? So if your one of those people who this happened to, stop think about what happened and then ask yourself why did that happen? I am sure you can figure it out. -Their are master imbalances right now, hopefully they will be fixed, can't do much about that but learn which masters are really op and learn to avoid them or learn to fight their op offensiveness example Erina......if you don't know what i mean by Erina's opness well you don't want to know cause its disgusting. - Honestly if you play smart you shouldn't have a problem, most games i would end with anywhere from 5-15 kills and usually have somewhere around 130-221 points per game. All i did was lane, jungle mobs, defend and kill people simple team work is all it takes. Of course there is more to go over but i don't want to just walk you through what to do, so GL learn the game and the mechanics you will be fine. Thats my quick tutorial of titan ruins, Good luck see ya in game! I know this is not feedback, but i am posting this anyway incase, noobs or players who were lost read this thread lol.