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  1. I too also want MXM to be on Steam if it will help the game reach out to thousands of players.
  2. I think AI players are needed in Mini Games in the case of not having participating real players to complete missions.
  3. Block guild invites

    But, can the blocking of these invites be looked into? Certainly there are those like me who do not want to join a guild at all.
  4. DEVS - Where are you????

    I've decided to give up playing MXM until the queuing problems are handled. Very difficult to play through some of the modes such as Mini Games without enough people. Either the queuing needs work, or the game is underpopulated and needs to be further promoted for this game to be known to millions.
  5. Block guild invites

    I often get too many invites to join a guild, from some that are not so promising. Plus I do not see how joining one will offer any huge benefit game-wise. If a game developer reads this, can you develop a solution to block guild invites?
  6. Queue Times Broken??

    Same here, the queue times are getting too long - Either the queuing need work, or the game is getting less populated than normal.
  7. Kromede Voice

    Good question - I'd say it's the same voice actress, this time with a different tone of voice. The previous Kromede voice was quite charming, wonder why it was changed.