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  1. Minimum Lv in PvP (3v3)

    Hope you will implement 3V3 ranked soon Thanks
  2. Minimum Lv in PvP (3v3)

    Hello, My name in game is DeLm0re and i started to play the game in june. I do a lot of 3v3 and i consider my self like a good 3v3 player. Unfortunatly, regarless the fact that we have to wait more or less 10min to find a match, it's not balanced at all. I'm ofen with lv1-10 who do not even know that they can swap between 2 masters. They did plays cause of their lack of experience and they did not do the tutorial to learn the game. It's obviously impossible for me to win with that people in my team. For example i'm doing 7-1 and i lose cause of lv 1 doing 1-8 or things like that. I'm thinking of a minimum lv you had to reach before having the posibility to go pvp or at least 3v3 pvp. Something like lv10 or maybe 15. If you are agree pls let me know guys (Probably english mistakes, i'm french)
  3. Echec Lancement

    Bonjour, Cela fait déjà un jour que quand j'essaie de lancer le jeu, via NCLauncher, j'ai bien l'overlay du jeu qui apparait mais après quelque secondes, il disparait et le jeu ne se lance pas. Je revient après automatiquement sur le launcher et avec le bouton "jouer maintenant". Plus globalement, mon jeu se lance puis crash, je pense. Pourtant il a toujours bien marché. Une mise à jour qui plante ? J'ai déjà essayer de ré-installer le jeu et aussi le laucher mais toujours le même problème. J'aimerai aussi savoir si d'autre on déjà ce problème et comment le fixer. Merci de me répondre