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  1. Dear Devs

    I agree that it is early enough to make a change, but based on the opinions I see, it's one that may end up making more trouble than it's worth (e.g., re-balancing every character against a few that would greatly benefit from no overheat) . Like I said, I'm not a huge PvPer so in the end it's doesn't make that big a difference to me. For those that do care though, I think they should really listen to your concerns about it.
  2. Dear Devs

    While I don't have the experience that these guys have with understanding the mechanics of this game versus others in it's genre, as a regular guy just wants to play and have fun, the overheat mechanic is the only thing in the game that I've found extremely frustrating--at first. However, as I've continued to play the game, it's something I've gotten used to it. It's not that big a deal now. I'm not even sure why the conversation of removing mechanics completely is being had when the game has only been out a little less than two months. Seems like it would be a good idea to make sure the game is playable before rebuilding it. But as a word of warning to anyone who might think otherwise, NC has demonstrated repeatedly that they won't hesitate to drop a game for one reason or another--and sometimes no apparent reason at all. At the end of the day, they're going to do whatever thing they believe is going to make them the most money. If it's pulling a mechanic, they're going to do that. If it's setting up more servers or whatever, they're going to do that. If it's killing the game in search of better profit potential elsewhere, they're going to do that. I was a player of many an NCSoft game back before they started shuttering them all. That's what made it pretty difficult for me to actually give this game a chance. I'm glad I did because it's a good game, and I really like it, but I remember who, or rather what, it is that's behind the wheel. Don't invest in anything that you don't feel that you can walk away from if necessary.
  3. Here's something I made for myself and anyone else who is like me and doesn't care for mysterious game currencies. The NCoin amounts are included to see the difference between the two. MXM In-Game Store X-Coin to USD Conversion Chart Update: The spreadsheet now contains the complete contents of the in-game store.
  4. Controller Support

    For anyone interested in playing the game with a controller, I've created a guide for setting up a controller (DualShock 4 currently) in the Player to Player help section. I just made an update to the profile (which can be downloaded for use) and would appreciate feedback on it's setup from anyone who uses it. My contact info is in the post. You can also email me in-game if you want. MXM Controller Layout and Setup Guide For my next update, I plan to add a configuration for XBOX 360 controllers. At some point, I'm planning on making a post explaining the logic behind mapping choices and talking about some possible updates that I'd like to see in the game to better support play with a controller.
  5. MXM Controller Setup and Layout Guide

  6. MXM Controller Setup and Layout Guide

    Profile Download Links [Updated 08.02.2017] Dowload Profile (.pin) ver. 0.07292017b (Initial Release) ver. 0.08012017b Download Command List (PDF) ver. 0.07292017b (Initial Release) ver. 0.08012017b Change List ver. 0.07292017b Initial Release ver. 0.08012017b Adjusted range and sensitivity for Right Analog Stick to aid in easier targeting when using either Smart Casting or Regular Casting. Important Note: Using the in game setting for mouse sensitivity will help greatly improve cursor control, and therefore accuracy when playing with a controller. Added commands for additional interface windows to Shift Mode layout. Complete list of new commands below. Rearranged some commands to be stacked into Compound Commands exactly as they are presented in game. New Commands (Names listed together are Compound Commands) Friends/Guild Mission/Challenges Store Style Token Workshop Title/Insignia Medal Exchange Material Exchange Arena Record Mail/Guide
  7. MXM Controller Layout Guide (ver. 0.07292017b) ================================================== Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the developers of Pinnacle Game Profiler. I’m just a satisfied customer hoping to help others with the potential nightmare of PC gaming if you prefer to use a game pad rather than a mouse and keyboard. The specific settings that work on my system may not work, or be ideal for you and your situation. I do my best to make sure to map the controller with the game’s default keybindings, but in some cases, that may not be possible as some useful controls may not be set by default in some games. Should you choose to use Pinnacle Game Profiler to assist you with mapping your gamepad/controller of choice, no matter what settings I may suggest be used, whatever the official documentation, or PGP Support states for your specific issue should there be any, is the final word. Anything you do to your system is at your own risk. ================================================== Here is my layout for MXM on a DualShock 4 in Pinnacle Game Profiler. It can be used as is, or as a starting point for your own configuration. I use PGP because it’s well built and well documented. You can download and use if for free for 30 days. It's well worth the money in my personal opinion. Although I believe it’s a really great program, there can be a bit of trial and error getting it to work with your games consistently “out of the box”. I hope to help you avoid that as much as possible. [DOWNLOADS MOVED TO FOLLOWING POST] IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to run the program as an Administrator for it to properly map to the controller you're using. Open the program by: Right Clicking Icon or Listing in Start Menu Choose 'Run As Administrator' if opening from Desktop Choose More > Run As Administrator if opening from Start Menu These are PGP global settings that you may find useful after you’ve got it up and running. All of these settings can be found under Preferences. Preferences > General Run this background profile when otherwise inactive Choose a profile to run when nothing else is. Good if you have a game that you play very often and don’t want to have to fiddle with PGP once you’ve got your controller set up. Always launch my game profiles in persistent mode Preferences > Profile Apply mouse smoothing when mapped to the mouse Preferences > Display Remember last position of Pinnacle startup window Detect button presses while editing configurations Should be active by default, but in case it isn’t… Preferences > Message These are messages that will pop-up as you’re creating and/or editing a profile. They can be set to not reappear when they do show up. Then again, you may need a reminder about that thing that you keep forgetting to do. Preferences > Exclusions Stop running any profile if an exclusion is active “Hey! This is interfering with me running the Netflix app on my computer!” Set up the Netflix app as an exclusion. Or better yet, visit and binge to your heart’s content there. The [Windows] app is terrible. Profile Settings These are profile specific settings. Most of these are active by default or have a global setting that covers the same aspect. I’m only going to cover a few of the most useful options here. Launch as persistent profile Instead of setting the global persistent profile setting, you can set it per profile. Do not start the executable file when this profile is launched This is particularly useful if a game has a Launcher (like MXM) or you’re playing a game through Steam. Block game from reading the controller with native support This stops the game from detecting the controller by default when you’re trying to use it with PGP. This is particularly useful if you’re using an XBOX controller. Profile Settings > Notes Use this to note any special settings or configurations you made to a particular profile so that you don’t forget what you did or why you did it. You’ll find this note for my MXM profile: “The joystick that is set to "Mapped to Mouse Spring" for this profile has its horizontal and vertical range limited to 50%. This is so that the mouse doesn't need to traverse the entire screen as you're changing direction. It should also cover the entire cast radius of AoE and TAoE powers.” Profile Configuration Screen Most things on this screen are self explanatory or become clear as you mouse and click through things. There are a few things that aren’t entirely clear after that though. A couple are listed below. Shift Mode buttons must be held down to shift the layout to the alternate mode. Up to four of these mode shifts can be set. Adjusting options in the Setup Joystick window will revert any options set when configuring Map to Mouse Spring directly back to their default states. Basically you don’t need to change the settings in MtMS if you’re adjusting the range of the analog stick itself. Unshifted Layout Shifted Layout My Computer Details MacBook Pro (Late 2012) BootCamp Partition running Windows 10 Home NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Intel Core i7 2.3GHz 8GB RAM PlayStation DualShock 4 connected via Bluetooth Any questions, comments, or concerns can be left here or sent via a Twitter Direct Message or Facebook Messenger. I'm still testing this setup out so feedback is greatly appreciated. I plan to add more to the shifted layout. Credits: Thanks to superwave for suggestions.
  8. Explanations for every playstyle?

    Also known as a "Strategy Guide".
  9. Controller Help for my child

    Hey Dreamer, I just started playing the game (yesterday) and the first thing that I work on is setting up a controller because I'm primarily a console gamer. I'm still testing out my layout but as soon as I'm done I'll be making a complete post on what I use, how it's set up, and a link to download the setup if you want to try it yourself.