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  1. Make Natium Permanant!

    You have entirely wrong, PvE Extreme time spaces are the best where you get golds and exp, much more better than Natium Defensive Line, if talk about exp only then even Brutal and random extreme can get better, even Nightmares.
  2. Make Innowin her shot caller last longer on Bosses

    it's not work long on the boss at all, Shoot caller only have a little time at the Final Boss
  3. I am very worried

    To Whoever Know enough - Queue time is not a problem, whoever said problem with queue time is still haven't think this through. The game is collapsing bad because the manager making a bad decision, or they trying to do it purposely to dismiss the game. I mean come on, there are plenty of balance making but they cannot ever make a good one, they don't have someone playing the game well, I mean a real player to give real opinion. If they would balance this through since the release it's would have been awesome already, until now it's like the game cornered, would need a miracle . - PvP ? they just don't know how to fix masters much, I mean fix, not make them useless, this also happen in PvE. I said it, they won't even reply. If they break masters can break the boss good, why not make remake other masters that hardly break the boss ? this also effect to PvP when breaking the Titans is hard. - Sol problem ? I mean the requirement of achievements to buy masters is what make game more real fun. And IMPORTANTLY ABOUT NIGHTMARES, a PVE IN MOBA required Sol the access is not a bad Idea to real challenger with real cost, but REFUND SOL IF YOU COMPLETE THE STAGE is a very good Idea. Hard is come with price and complete with great prizes and fail with great cost. Those are just a aspect of what chaos that chase away players BTW is this real NCSOFT of NA ? or just some small company bought this game and control it how they want for moneys ? Koreans not dump enough to make a game unbalance.
  4. Ghost Widow - Rytlock

    MxM1.35 - Ghost Widow got reduced range of ultimate, I understand, but Life drain ? It's break PvE and make her impossible to go nightmare. I'm 100% surely reduce range for ultimate is balance already, but Life drain however, a move without thinking, stupid. Now about Rytlock will be relate to even more matter, because some master they can't make boss weakness build up, like Merope, her ultimate does 0% weakness, other skills is only build like 10% max. So obviously if reducing specific master like rytlock, why don't make more weakness build up % for other master too ? because most of them hardly made to 50% boss weakness, HARDLY. We have to maintenance the balance by looking to all aspects.
  5. Too many bugs , stop nerf masters

    There are way many bugs happen, why you make master weaker and harder ? And why you enhance the monsters without notice on Update patch ? Destroyer host doesn't spinning but bullets still reflecting. Or Lighting Ball cluster chain it's own lighting on the user, which it you getting dmg nightmare can't be avoid and die. Skills not respond. This Moba have PvE, which it no other doesn't really have it. Maintane it.
  6. AFK auto kick.

    Why can't you just make a KICKING mode ??? Vote to Y/N. Sometime even when solo in a stage PvE, Nightmare, suddently get kicked. Or just remove the Auto Disconnect Option when only 1 User in the stage.
  7. Dead when disconnecting

    Can you guys just Seriously ensure player get disconnected are more safe ? Or atleast just when they respawn, ESPECIALLY IN PVE GET THEM A SHIELD FOR 10s I don't know when the loading get 100% but you still not getting to control or see a shit.
  8. nightmare pve tickets invitation

    May I do A suggestion ? Nightmare are made as a big leap for skill learned player to passed. So I think you guys should keep SOL as fee BUT, the SOL will be refund if the players successful passed the 1st gate or the 2nd gate. And you guys can reduce SOL percentage rewards in the end because it's will be too easy to earn which will make things are getting bored with ALL MASTERS.
  9. Node : Reincarnating+ is completely ... troll ? useless ? I mean +5% HP for PvE only but the respawn time needed in PvE ? If you use it in PvE then the main function of the node is useless. If you use it in PvP then ... just buy in the shop. My point is, it's should be not appear as a reward in PvE because its FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. It's bad for PvE players, especially for free players. So if it can be change easily, please change it Admin. If it's not easy, then maybe later ? so we will keep it until that time come instead sell it away ? Thanks you for your real attention.
  10. Disconnected from server N5010

    I know what the problems if you near by SEA regional. If you are, then it's can't be fix.
  11. Game crash weird

    Few weeks ago I played this game totally fine, literally no crash. But since last Fire temple event, which it was near the time before an unnoticed maintenance, game keep having weird crash. Just before the unexpected crash, a flash stun of the program is made, happen under 0,4 second. After that few seconds, game just literally auto vanish. Sometime my computer can say Program have stopped working. - August 2017.
  12. Ping Issues - Need Your Feedback

    Oh please this is ... too different with our help, you can ask from West regionals but in the East like GMT + 7 it is futile, ping is high of course but not the lag, it's the game count it's server time, not the user's, DELAY. Mean here is from the server it's see you get hit mean you get hit, even that you see that the projectile didn't even reach to you. Anyway it's should be count as user's vision, at least in PvE you guys should do that.
  13. Master's skins need to be change.

    Does anyone notice that in the picture, Raoul have 5 fingers when in fact the character have only 4 ?
  14. Master's skins need to be change.

    Well many skins are just different colors but we can earn free X-coins so no problems, except some Skins are just horrible. Dr.Raoul Steampunk ( horrible in both picture and skin )King'sguard Death Knight ??? Seriously I think the game just stole the picture from some good artwork , when you preview the skin it's like ....
  15. Death knight is useless

    I agree with 3 things at Death Knight, using way too much HP for the skills AND his HP not event exceeding 3000 . Passive not so much valuable also beside revival free but cost too long, short it down to 6 minutes is fine to me. Survival skill is good but not so good since no slot for PvE in it much . And as we well know no matter how hard rock Tank is, they will not going to be a fantasy moving statue in Extreme mode or Nightmare in PvE.