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  1. St. Louis Area LAN Center + Competitions

    That's what I get for copy and pasting. (I did edit the necessary parts. Just not the typo) You'll have it in a few minutes.
  2. St. Louis Area LAN Center + Competitions

    @Sunshine I just sent that e-mail. Looking forward to a response.
  3. Hey MXM players, Are there any players on here in the St. Louis area of the United States willing build a LAN community at our center? I'm just trying to get a head count of interest. Also, Sunshine or any Devs, is there any promotional content like posters or cut outs we could put up in our LAN center to encourage our users to play MXM. I personally had 8 players make accounts here. We also have a full size live stream studio to broadcast events. -Barbosa