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  1. Give them a week, if they can't even make a simple comment of "No MXM is not getting closed down anytime soon" then you have your answer. Otherwise, they probably won't disclose that the game is shutting down until about 3-4 weeks before the assigned date.
  2. Terrible queue time

    I'm not playing any other pvp mode other then TR because they don't give the same incentives to play it. They need to buff the exp and gold those modes give.Hard point capture, and 3v3 should give as much exp as a TR loss.
  3. Make Natium Permanant!

    Natium already is permanent. It's not really why more people don't play it, we have low population. People stopped playing the game as a whole. With the population like it is now unless you have a pre-made group you won't clear it.
  4. 9pm - 12am est is the only good time I can give ya based on what I've been able to play.
  5. Queue Times Broken??

    Your not helping anymore, your just throwing a tantrum now lol.
  6. Natium Defense Line Guide

    Yes he is, if your team is full Turret item. Turret seems to be the best item to have. Distracts sprinters, Regen warriors, Titans, Shieldbearers. Helps damage motiques.
  7. MXM Economic Market

    This is probably the best post I've seen on how to fix this currency problem. Also, don't forget Node slots. 5 Sol or 125k gold a node slot couldn't be to bad if they removed free x-coin. Dispatch tickets should definitely be purchasable with Gold, 50k gold a ticket. Natium defense should have a Sol reward for completing 25 waves and a 2 sol reward if you complete all 30 waves. If dispatch tickets can be purchased with gold there's no need to put Sol as a reward back in regular Nightmares. +Nodes should be buffed to include 5pct more attack as well as 5pct hp for PvE. This would definitely encourage more players to get better at Nightmare mode since they are trying to get better nodes to do Natium defense (which is also a nightmare mode). +Nodes that players already have should stay the way they are, they got to re-grind for the new ones. :) Weaker kits should be purchasable with Gold, while the stronger kits can be rewards or purchased with X-coins. Example: Noah Recovery Gold, and Noah Burst heal rewards + X-coins. Imo, burst heal has always been the better of the two so I'd consider it the stronger one. Sol Weeklies and Monthlies should come back.
  8. I guess you mean the re-spawn time node, and you had it as +node reward in nightmare. Yeah, there is no reason for that to be a reward in nightmares as you can't die in nightmare anyway.
  9. nightmare pve tickets invitation

    I think the Sol Fee should stay but if everyone in the party has tickets then everyone should use a ticket if not who ever doesn't have a ticket can use sol. The reason why I think Sol Fee should stay because, once you start getting SSS in nightmare with your party the ppl using Sol will break off even for a while.
  10. So what's up with Lorraine's staggering attacks

    Nanumerk's ultimate has a chance of spawning a random surprise buff. In it contains an random roll of buffs. The electrocution buff is included.
  11. Hacking threats

    This post is going to get shut down lol. You should have just did a regular report.
  12. Quitting if you can't fix this crappy lag

    When I play on North American, my Ping is around 120ms the best it will be. When I'm on the Europe server It's only 159ms. You would think that it would be way better for the American server. I live in Kentucky and find it very funny that the pings are that close together.
  13. Meanwhile Matchmaking...

    This is happening because, of the match making patch they did. Top players were complaining that they had long queue times in ruins (Game is dead), so they made it easier for them to get matches by trying to make the highiest MMR person in the team at the Bottom of the playerlist, and they play with ppl much lower MMR then them. Sometimes, you are a team of 3 plats 2 golds, but you face a team of 3 experts and 2 unranked. I still consider that unbalanced as to get expert you have to know how to carry a team. At Plat you don't know how to carry a team lol. So, I'm a just conclude that the game is so dead that's why match making is like this. They don't have enough players to make unranked vs unranked, silver vs silver, gold vs gold, plat vs plat, expert vs expert. There is no balance between teams.... because of that patch. Your at the bottom of the list on your team, so that means your normals MMR has basically made you the leader of it. Some ppl don't play ranked while the real competitive guys do play ranked. The guys on your team could have had same normals MMR as those ranked players did. I'd imagine those guys are queuing after ranked goes live for less intense matches lol. I'm starting to lean to doing that my self as I don't think I ever be good enough to carry(I'm a Brain dead plat). The Xcoins are out of my reach. For this instance on the opposite team you may have had those plats and experts who doesn't have high MMR in normals. They learned how to play decided to go ranked and had success. EDIT: You have 66 pct win rate in normals Ruins oh yeah that confirms it definitely lol. You have a Normals MMR of an expert+ in Ranked lol. Match Making actually effed you over.
  14. Nanurunerk needs a rework

    Nanu's attacks are an AoE, but I still agree with all the changes you think should happen for him. Nanu's attacks should be just like Ghost Widows.
  15. What title buffs you running?

    Well, damn.... then if that's the case this particular title don't even work in PVE lol. I have 0.6 In PVE with that title on. I think you may have found something they need to fix my good sir. I did just test taking the title off and I still had 0.6 ultimate gauge recovery so fish king title must be bugged. I'll definitely stop using it until it gets fixed. It should say 0.9 ultimate gauge recovery if it worked. Edit:The press 2 to win also doesn't even work. I'm bout to start thinking none of the titles buffs works in PVE or PVP. Edit: Numbah 2, Seems the buff is just hidden but at least works in PVE. It took 1min 40s+ for my ultimate gauge to get to 60 with it off. With it on 1min 6s. The recovery never changed from 0.6 though with it on or off.