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  1. since the age of times objectives have been given to the lasthitter. and honestly i dont see any improvement in balancing the game if u give the team that dealt ##% damage on a objective the property of it. so i stay with the actual rule.
  2. [UPDATE] since i dont like to flood forums, i update this thread of mine. is it possible to modify training arena so we can use the traits like in TR? is it possible to have 100% nodes effects? everything in the name of research and improvement. thank you
  3. except 1.2.6. in which u are totally right, rest is not in my wishlist of things i would like to know. i agree moreover on mixed rankings. i lost my 2 promo because of team imbalances and that made me stop playing ranked for 4 days till 16/08. being this your first moba, and this kind of moba is different from others more popular (lol, dota), i give you some unrequested hints: - look the minimap . half of your time in game must be spent looking minimap. - pings. they are good when telling advices. i had hundreds of newbies that push lane when minimap is emtpty. then they die ganked by 2-3. why? - learning from mistakes takes 1 match, not months of suicides. what i do now? why i do this? why i move there? finding reasons to previous questions make u a better player. there is only a point in which i tend to disagree, because your reasons are not strong. "having fun and doing whatever i can to have fun". since your freedom ends where mine start, there is a limit to that sentence. calling you/me a bad player when playing poorly with no way to see you/me trying to fix my/your errors is not bad, because we look for improvement. wishing death and stuff like that should be instabanned.
  4. i tested vonak and it seems nothing changed....sadly
  5. make it WIN 40 normals to unlock ranked then..and not vsAI.but vs players only
  6. yuri sol kick atm is not that useful in pvp. but they buffed it. ok im happy for vonak "nerf", because i still have to see it in game. vita nerf are good. i think. not a pancuga player, seems it more skill hunger now. i am a bit worried about tulam. it seems a buff to me... sizuka..meh, i still think the fix to ulti is not effective considered it has no area of effect but follow the target once clicked. anyway we are on the right path, devs seems to listen, or maybe the things we feedback are too clear to not act. bumaro, i dont know...they stated it will take a bit more im confident in devs. edit: I LOVE how they menaged to modify stats attribute to different masters. i hope in future we have more of this kind of differentiation.
  7. today i logged and got same empty schedule. but i got still emails. im pretty sure it is a bug. send ticket if no mail received
  8. well difference imho is crucial: master tier list put them in a ranking based on their effectivness in TR. best masters to play the game ranged master tier list put them in a ranking based on their abilities compared to each others. best master on a specific role. or maybe im too pedantic
  9. read carefully: RANGED masters tier list.
  10. name and shame is not allowed. ffs moreover, and i try to use a quote from a movie to explain , 45%
  11. bha i dont know. this game is not nuclear science. today i got a teammate who fed a lot, blaming team. i told him to look at minimap.- i met this guy 4 times in a row, always my team and he DIED in the same way every single match,. now, telling someone to look at minimap is offensive? is something that hurt your ego? IF someone can be that bad to not recognize a GOOD hint by someone else, why would u give him a "happy core smashing time" muting everyone?
  12. i assure you that blade and soul (NCSoft) has a ladder and prizes for top players. actually a good 40-60% of the top ladder is the same # players + smurfs.
  13. i thought that IF noone reach top 100 because they are less, just put in the top 100 the first 100 players in the top, rank 22 to 100-(masters) players get rewards. but how can u see smurfs?
  14. one person click twice on 2 master then u start taking your choices is TWICE the time? i must live in a black hole
  15. I DONT KNOW maybe we have different background in mobas and gaming experience or me or you are too simpleminded that think it is as easy as presing one red button and magic rework everything. but different masters have different roles. poharan is a DPS ranged. u take left mouse pressed and she damage per second what she hit. innowin is a sniper more or less, still ranged but heavy damage in more time. probably they remove overheat and she wont sufer anymore from it, still if u want to heavy damaging opponents u have to charge your hit. tulam is a singularity imho, too much damage even when bad attunement fight, still his role is to initiate the fight and maybe to cc target mainly. also cagnazzo doesnt build up overheat, still his role is not to nuke or to dps targets, but to controll them. regardles the role NCSoft put on them, it takes you 2 minutes to understand what every master can do and cant do. i would have called LUA a nuker, stil she is an assaulter. dont know the meaning of assaulter anyway, sstill she is different from kromede. eirna is a nuker. her main damage comes from skills and in the right sequence your dmage is very high in a matter of 1 second. hence the nuke. Overheat IMHO is a mechanic that needs a game rework, reasons i already explained a post ago. but even when u fix everything, u need to modify other stuff to balance game because no overheat = LMB pressed 24/7 for ranged. life of a melee, moreover when a bit squishy with NOT unlimited stamina, is already tough...guess later