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  1. my thoughts

    when i started playing this game i advertized friends as - not "p2w game" (pass me the term) due to easy xcoin gain in dailies. - easy to understand and to unlock masters - opposite to ncosft philosophy this game was not wallet hungry. in a patch they erased all my previous statements, time to uninistall the game and forget about it. bye
  2. Can we have the new Sol prices please?

    can i know in which way " SOL is currently quite generous, which means players progress through the game and content much faster than intended" i am a fresh level 99, spent few (really few) € to unlock some high cost masters and i still have live 10+ mastwers to unlock. if every level i get 1 SOL, in which way it is fast? or maybe i am no more used to farm since on Leagu i have like 20-30k ip to spend on new released champs.
  3. ehy dude can u see the DATE of the thread u necromanced? maybe something is changed since APRIL? anyway it seems like u like this thread.
  4. Arami's ult cast time

    WELL if u read carefully OP thread title it seems discussion is about ULT. and AFAIK her ult cast time is not istant. there is some time between cast and KD. maybe i am wrong.... anyway arami has already lot of cc, i dont get why u should give her no cast time on ulti...
  5. after preseason

    i find hard reasons to play. normals is again a mess. newbies against masters there is no way to improve, learn , test. tryhard. ping suddenly raised to 100ms. i usually have 50. i die more by failing switch master than by mistakes i can do by overextending. i see litterally players disappear in front of me and reapper elsewhere. and september is still far. wouldnt be a way to keep focus on game by players to "rush" new masters release until u reach a good amount and then proper fix ranked? i personally find it bad that u can have multiple of same master even in ranked because reasons.
  6. Maia almost useless

    R&b? rework wut?
  7. Arami's ult cast time

    i think he means the time needed to spawn the minion from the time u click the skill.. anyway it is a aoe kd. making it instantly is a huge buff.
  8. Is Pancuga too good, or just too rare?

    i head basically pancuga now need better reflexes and has a 1 less dodge.
  9. Server atleast 50% less active .?!?

    I can be one of them ranked players that met lewbies. anyway now i have different luck, i find every single proplayer AGAINST me. basically it is after patchday that i only lose. because i want to normal..and i get tryhards. well..we can t have everything
  10. Rozark *Suggestions*

    since the age of times objectives have been given to the lasthitter. and honestly i dont see any improvement in balancing the game if u give the team that dealt ##% damage on a objective the property of it. so i stay with the actual rule.
  11. master training arena improve

    [UPDATE] since i dont like to flood forums, i update this thread of mine. is it possible to modify training arena so we can use the traits like in TR? is it possible to have 100% nodes effects? everything in the name of research and improvement. thank you
  12. Offenses in PVP

    except 1.2.6. in which u are totally right, rest is not in my wishlist of things i would like to know. i agree moreover on mixed rankings. i lost my 2 promo because of team imbalances and that made me stop playing ranked for 4 days till 16/08. being this your first moba, and this kind of moba is different from others more popular (lol, dota), i give you some unrequested hints: - look the minimap . half of your time in game must be spent looking minimap. - pings. they are good when telling advices. i had hundreds of newbies that push lane when minimap is emtpty. then they die ganked by 2-3. why? - learning from mistakes takes 1 match, not months of suicides. what i do now? why i do this? why i move there? finding reasons to previous questions make u a better player. there is only a point in which i tend to disagree, because your reasons are not strong. "having fun and doing whatever i can to have fun". since your freedom ends where mine start, there is a limit to that sentence. calling you/me a bad player when playing poorly with no way to see you/me trying to fix my/your errors is not bad, because we look for improvement. wishing death and stuff like that should be instabanned.
  13. Will the next patch adjust characters

    i tested vonak and it seems nothing changed....sadly
  14. Ranked requierements

    make it WIN 40 normals to unlock ranked then..and not vsAI.but vs players only