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  1. OK, to be relatively serious for a moment, her intended function looks to me to be similar to Pancuga but even more extreme and with a different defensive/restorative style. Oh, and with pink hair, a questionable name, a complimentary uniform, and a voice that provokes a "What?" reaction the first time you hear it. She's a massive boatload of pain that can be hard to deal with other than getting out of her range. Her damage doesn't appear to be where it needs to be to fully do the job yet, but 1.2 did make a step to take her further in that direction. You know, the sort of master very few people play but that the people who do play her get very, very good, and dangerous. She has substantial similarities already, and her attunement/role/range are identical. They're not Sizuka, the unevadable squishy of near-instant death - they're the irresistible force you want to stay out of the way of (out of reach of) unless you're playing something similar and feel you can outplay. You'd rather not have these masters near your core, towers and minions...
  2. Why, because all the best things associated with the word are at their best when taken slowly and intimately... one must savour Yuri. Don't think about it too much.
  3. That she most certainly would, especially pre-nerf. She'd pretty much be Bumaro, or at least even more usable as a direct replacement for. I was already using her in equivalent role from time to time anyways. After all, if 1 Bumaro is good, having a borderline second in key strengths on tag has to be something workable.
  4. Patch Notes Hit Ctrl-F Bumaro Ctrl-F Vonak Ctrl-F Lilu Ctrl-F Sizuka Ctrl-F Nedien Ctrl-F Vita Ctrl-F Kat Ctrl-F Tulam Ctrl-F Lorraine IT BEGINS They pretty much nerfed most of the strong things that didn't contribute much to backdoor, while leaving the core backdoor components almost at full strength, and thus, now even higher relative strength on average. While also starting another TR XP bonus that will have the CA players who don't want to do anything but chase for kills flocking in. And keeping TI unchanged. And making all the high-tier Rankeds bitter that not only were they denied Grandmaster, they have to wait a month to play for tier again at all, because of a mechanics change almost no one really wanted to begin with, especially compared to all the other things players were up in arms about that didn't get addressed. Get the death certificate form, Titan Ruins is legally dead. Oh, man, that slight nerf to Bumaro's ability to go invulnerable on an even more regular basis if you trait it for one of the longest periods short of Vita is gonna hurt so bad. So, so bad. I can see why they don't post the notes until the maintenance is less than an hour away... the fire rises.
  5. Please direct them to my opponents' teams. I would probably enjoy playing against that.
  6. Well, after belting out that wall on design principle and strategy, I had yet another thought. I've only tested it in Master Training so far, but it looks like it will do what you need in any game mode and even on the bridge. You see, there's a right-click context menu on each chat tab, both in-game and on the bridge. The content of that menu is a set of checkboxes for a (sometimes limited) set of chat sources that all start enabled. Unchecking them should give anyone who wants /mute all what they need after all. Actual All chat, Team chat, Whispers, Bridge General, and System messages all have their own box - you rarely ever want to disable System messages since those are useful. It APPEARS to keep the settings even across going in-game and back, so you probably only need to set it once, possibly before you even queue, maybe once per login or even just long-term. Just don't forget what you disabled... this kind of feature placement can easily lead to wondering why someone's not able to whisper you a couple hours later. Happy core smashing in peace, if you so desire! Still hope TI and TR-only XP bonuses get nix'd, that'll help calm things down too.
  7. Actually, it's been fairly common practice for a significant percentage of the population in League of Legends, the industry standard, for years. Take a look at this example: The way to make the best of it has evolved over time - using map pings, mainly. Pings can usually communicate anything of actual strategic value that has much chance of working out, especially to an experienced player - if there's a fundamental disagreement on priorities, making the right tradeoff between spending time trying to reach consensus and just going your separate ways trying to do what you each think is, hopefully, most likely to actually win the game for the team as a whole, can be difficult, especially in the heat of a close match you care about winning. What pings communicate much less is things like "WHY DIDN'T U SAVE MEH 1V5 FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP U STUPID NOOB, UR EXPERT RANK IS FAKE LOOK AT MY K/D/A I'M WAY BETTER THAN MY LOW SILVER RANK SAYS I DUN CAR IF UR L99 AND UR TITLE IS ALPHA INCARNATE I KNO BETTR THAN U EVEN IF IM ONLY L7 WITH NO AUGS NO NODES ABOV GREEN AND 2 SLOTS EMPTY LOL MY 4 VIEWERS ON MY STREAM AR LAFFING AT U SO HARD IM A TWITCH CELEBRTY ITS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT TO TAKE TANIAN THAN TO TITAN CLASH JUST LET THE TOWER HADNLE THE TITAN ALONE Y ATTACK A TOWER OR PUSH LANE WHEN I CAN CHASE FOR ANOTHER KIL AFTER 90 SECONDS OF CHASING IN THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF THE MATCH HEY U SHUD COME HELP ME CHASE 2V1 ITS A GUD USE OF TIM AND ILL STILL KS U IF U DO MOST OF THE DMG THEN MOCK UR KDA LULZ" and similar, and /mute all near completely shuts down trolls who just want to spam offensive remarks hoping to get a rise out of someone or the like. We've all encountered people who fit most or perhaps even all of the above, right? Ping spam limiting further helps, and if memory serves, MxM has at least some degree of it. Pings and mute can prevent people from wasting tons of time berating someone else, justified or not, since once they know they're not being heard they just spam some pings and get back to the game, whereas typing all the abuse they want to hurl can often take multiple minutes over the course of a 25 minute match, and that can cost far more than simply having only ping communication. There are perhaps a few problems more specific to MxM - TI in general is a problem mechanic, and getting through to someone why they shouldn't use it in a situation is somewhat hard to do unless you have non-ping communication AND a receptive newbie. Often the later is absent so the first doesn't matter. Or why they should be pushing lane or supporting a titan clash instead of contesting Tanian or even an altar. It's not a perfect system, but it is better than half the team devolving into flame wars and not even defending against a 5 man helix titan push, which, let's face it, is a thing in this game, FAR more often than would be ideal (which is of course zero.) Another point to keep in mind is that generally, the people you're going to be able to most productively communicate with are the ones you're in a premade with (and even better, in voice chat with.) Trying to communicate and/or rely on people you didn't queue with CAN be a very unproductive thing, dependant most on sheer luck and the prevailing attitude among the playerbase. It can often be more productive to try to limit your reliance on anyone who isn't in your premade as much as reasonably possible - anyone at all if you're queueing solo. The more you're able to solo splitpush or similar tactics, damage towers without even a fallen, much less another player, helping you, and mostly just only hope your teammates do SOMETHING productive with any time or objectives you personally buy them, without being very specific about what, the more you tend to rise while solo queueing, especially with the current matchmaker in MxM. If you can pull it off, be a carry as best you can, and focus on the win. Being too used to relying on a 5 man premade with voice can be fun, but it will tend to hurt your performance anytime you don't have it. My opinion is that there are 3 things that would greatly improve the quality of the average Normal and Ranked match related to this. /mute all, as an option, is in fact one. Completely removing Titan Shards and TI from all matches that aren't full 5-man premades on both sides is another, and even more significant, because it's just too much of a source of intra-team contention to justify keeping it in pickup games. Thirdly, the Titan Ruins XP/Gold bonus events need to NEVER, EVER be run without the same or higher bonus to Combat Arena (and given the low base rewards for CA, I highly recommend higher event bonuses for it!) Combat Arena-focused players coming into Titan Ruins just by the lure of more XP rather than any interest in the game mode is NOT a good thing, it greatly reduces game quality during these events. Many of that type of player are highly vocal about having no interest whatsoever in learning the Titan Ruins mechanics or winning; they just focus entirely on their personal K/D/A and make the game miserable for anyone on their team actually trying to win. That's something the absence of /mute all simply can't even begin to address because of the motivations involved, but /mute all can actually stem a little of the damage from these types of players. There's one of these events scheduled coming up and it NEEDS to be changed, one way or the other. Add the Combat Arena bonus for that period, or remove the Titan Ruins bonus. There's tons to be done on the matchmaking, of course, but that's its own can of worms that needs to be addressed. Oh, and for the record... I have a block list of maybe 10 or 20 people. Some of the most abusive and unreasonable I've met. I generally don't mute anyone else. And I think that's pretty workable considering my friends list is maxed with another 30 with open invites for if they come back to MxM. In roughly 90% of the cases I haven't even seen anyone on the block list more than the one game they got blocked for, but it preemptively solves any problems they might cause if they do cross my path again. So there you have it. My strongly interrelated case for why /mute all, removing TI, and removing TR-only bonus XP are good things that will substantially improve Normals and Ranked, even though I'm highly unlikely to use /mute all myself.
  8. Best nuke Sizuka too or she'll just become even more everpresent. And I have a few other choice picks lined up, too.
  9. It's doubly ironic when you consider that there are at least 2 AWS servers in Brazil, which are causing problems for users actually in NA due to being misdirected to them by the poorly-thought-out matchmaking, while NCSoft doesn't support any form of Portuguese or Spanish, and yet Oceania, with its sizable English-speaking populace, has no server coverage and, according to at least one resident I've spoken with, routinely gets virtually unusable 500ms+ pings that completely ruin serious competitive arena play, high stage difficulties, and most minigames, leaving them largely relegated to vs. AI and low difficulties. I just can't see any sort of business sense in the relevant decisions.
  10. Yeah I started seeing this frequently this weekend. I can only guess they deprovisioned some servers, or overloaded the bandwidth on the servers (we share servers with Blade n Soul and who knows what else last I heard) such that they just can't maintain a decent connection during peak hours. Tech support has been completely useless about everything related to this - they refuse to deviate from the mantra of it's something wrong with the customer's computer. So I would suggest making lots of noise on the public media - forums, reddit, etc and employing what mitigations you can in the meantime. If enough people scream at them, maybe someone will get word to the NOC staff. As for mitigations, it seems to be a keepalive failure that doesn't handle packet drops at all. By changing your master repeatedly and not readying until most of the rest of the players have, you can keep forcing it to send extra packets to reduce the chances it misses enough to consider your connection dropped (because once it does consider you dropped, the netcode is so bad it makes no attempt whatsoever at a warm reconnect - it just drops you from the lobby entirely and blames you.) And when that's not enough... while the penalty does stupidly apply to even pure-AI Arenas like Combat Arena with only bots (which is really dumb, since there's no one else to inconvenience in those,) it does not apply to Stage content. You can do normal stages or timespace distortion (which you have to do anyways if you want the relevant master upgraded since arenas provide NO way to get their weapon upgrade items) until the limit expires. I think it goes 5 minutes, 15, 60? Maybe higher? Anyone seen it go higher? Anyone have other ways to workaround? Also, if you're using Vix's firewall rule, consider taking it off when queueing for arenas, or reducing how many potential servers it blocks. Doing that well will probably require a complete list of server IPs, which AFAIK no one who talks to the public has? If anyone has a list, it could be helpful. The problem is by far at its worst during the hours Ranked is open - it doesn't seem to happen much when Ranked is closed. It's almost like they're intentionally trying to ruin the game when it comes to eSports. So many problems with Ranked and the tournament... doesn't really look like coincidence. Giving the most competitive players a lot of difficulty getting into a decent match due to penalties for things that aren't even their fault and seemingly almost completely random matchmaking, not giving anywhere near enough report tickets to report even just the deserters much less everyone seriously breaking rules of common decency, limiting it to only the worst times for lag, etc, etc...
  11. Shuk asked for an explanation of how to play cheese Bumaro so he can test it. Go tell him. If you can't, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. The fact is you lose horribly and can't stop whining about a simple tactic that I and many others can deal with just fine. And you're not even close to a majority, much less a huge one. I'm far from the only one telling you to actually learn to play the game. All you do is whine and whine and ignore every hint at how you might actually improve your play style to be able to deal with a simple tactic. You have zero credibility. L2P I mean, seriously, in one point alone... if you cannot recall and deal with a Bumaro, you are not ready to play TR at anywhere close to a high level. What is your guild, anyways? Is it at least bigger than what I've built nearly solo? Why aren't they here backing you up, ideally with facts instead of just ignoring facts and continuously whining that you lack the basic map awareness to recall to base to deal with 1 guy? Heck, which region are you on? EU? Cuz I can't even find you on NA. H I T - T H E - B - B U T T O N And overbroken is not a word. At least not with the meaning you're going for. You know that brief pause every once in a while when he overheats? NCSoft seems to be talking about removing that instead of nerfing him. Help me convince them removing overheat is NOT a good idea? Oh, and for those games where he doesn't get banned - remember, his biggest threat is the relative speed with which he can ninja Rozark. Keep an even closer eye on Roz than normal and you take away at least some of his edge.
  12. Not really much different from Fire Temple or Black Ram IMO - Ant Nest and Ascalon are the easy TSD's IMO, with Gludio in between. I saw so many people getting wrecked by Poho's arena mechanics or Kro's relentless spray getting my 360 patches and bows. Currently I'm at 280 badges. Attunement and AoE definitely does matter on Port. My prefered rig so far? V-Merang:L3 Weapon Damage Augment, L6 Arcblade and Backspin Blade) and Ignuma:L3 Damage, L6 Pyrobarrier and any other skill. Same nodes for both because I haven't bothered to fully optimize, all Legendary non-(+): 2 Synergistic Offensive or 1 and 1 Critical Offensive, Resting Defensive, Crackling Auxiliary, 2 Synergistic Auxiliary. I'm sure it's possible to do better but this works. Basic concept is roughly the same... 1 DPS Master and 1 Sustain Master, possibly a healer, but generally not for stages that call for Ardents. Moro is a good substitute for Ignuma but requires more effort to play and isn't quite as indestructable. Poharan, Taejin or Kromede can do the DPS role well but I definitely prefer V-Merang and Poharan in that slot over the other 2. Title Buff? Fish-King. Tactics-wise, some of the main points are which mobs need to die ASAP, and what environmental features and positioning can help. There are several forklifts on this stage, they blow up for damage to anything (friend or foe) nearby when damaged enough. There are 2 where Arkhan shows up for her midboss role, 1 can sometimes be used to get some extra damage on her and the other can cull some of the wave after she leaves. The room with the Mk2 bot has various platforms, getting on them can be helpful to reduce incoming attacks, especially for certain masters (e.g. Moro.) The Mk2 bot, the werewolves (not nightwolves,) and Arkhan are the most important targets to DPS down immediately, and also hit with CC if practical. The Mk2 has an unusually dangerous attack that can stunlock you into hit after hit and be very difficult to break, especially while you're trying to fight things. Hammering the Mk2 hard the instant it shows up (right after the first Mk1 in the room dies, always in the same place,) especially with V-Merang's ult and Backspin, can pretty much eliminate the threat - 2 V-Merangs can easily stunlock the Mk2 until it dies. Arkhan has somewhat annoying, fairly painful attacks but relatively little health; bursting her down is the way to go, especially in the Ghost Widow fight. Statesman leaves when Ghost Widow hits a certain HP threshold, regardless of the other combatants, so you can eliminate Arkhan while he's still present (tanking some of the fight) if you focus Arkhan and don't hurt Ghost Widow too much prematurely. That way by the time he leaves you're only dealing with Widow and a few fragile mooks. The werewolves after the midboss are the other notable hazard - they have a much more time-sensitive chain attack than the nightwolves. As usual, some focus fire makes everything easier. It can be worthwhile to stall a bit before killing enough nightwolves to make the werewolves jump in - if you build up enough ultimates, cooldowns and mana to really burst the nightwolves and both werewolves quickly, it considerably reduces the time they have to hurt you. Backspin is again worth a lot here, and having 2 Vs spamming it really trivializes the fight if used well. Note that Ignuma's durability and healing are so high that he can largely facetank most of this just spamming Pyrobarrier and his ult. Tagging to him and letting a Resting node bring your DPS Master back to full can work very well. As for Ghost Widow herself, as noted above, you shouldn't be facing her without Statesman until Arkhan is already down for the count. With decent DPS, the mook adds should die quickly enough to be a non-issue - Arcblade has such a wide area it will tend to destroy them pretty fast without even trying. Her large quasi-ult in the center of the arena fires in a spiral/circular pattern that doesn't quite reach the edge the vast majority of the time, leaving the corners as major safe zones. Stay on the edge when it's up and move from corner to corner to dodge the other attacks during it, though Ignuma is typically so durable he can largely ignore it. When she dashes (which is telegraphed) she will follow it with a drain tether to someone nearby - be ready to tag, and if you can't, try not to be in range when she finishes the dash, or be invulnerable using a survival skill, Conversion Battery, etc at that time. If she still tags you with the drain, run away if practical, but you're going to need to get at least half the arena away to break it. Some degree of coordination to keep the drain from hitting the same person more than once or twice in a row, to ensure whoever gets drains can tag out of it and/or have the hp to tank it, can further help. The ghosts aren't a threat until the attack ends, where they all damage in a large AE, so plan accordingly. The triple shots also burst into very similar large AEs at the end of their travel.
  13. I find that quite odd and different from my experience. I can't really see banning Vita in Ranked - in Normals, if there were bans, sure, because of double Vita Sheep, but in Ranked they can only have one in the first place, and one is little more than an annoyance IMO. Vonak and Tulam, of course, are pretty good bans, since even one can be a pretty big problem. But I'd definitely ban Sizuka, Vonak and/or Tulam over Vita in all formats, personally. And Bumaro... never... because he's just too easy to counterplay when you're already familiar with his weaknesses. Statesman I'm still forming an opinion on - I don't see him often, and the player behind him seems to make a big difference in his effectiveness.
  14. I haven't. The usual bans I see are Siz and Von - obvious reasons. Did you happen to note how said expert players played? Were they boosted? e.g. queueing with a much more experienced wingman to carry them? (I always solo queue for Ranked.)
  15. Actually I play Bumaro, and against him, quite a bit in TR. Let's start by asking you your current rank in Ranked. You do play Ranked, right? I placed Platinum hardly trying, even on a ping that literally reached 500ms+ in at least one of my placement matches. (Hint: Platinum is the highest tier anyone can initially place in.) You may (and should) also note that in general, Bumaro is considered non-viable in particularly high-tier play. Show me a Platinum or higher who thinks Bumaro is a problem, please. With that background out of the way: 1:) If you can't deal with a Bumaro even though you can press B to quickly get right back to the core towers very quickly, you need to learn more about his strengths and weaknesses. There are ways to see through cloak. There's a way to break Cling, and more counterplays to it beyond simply breaking it. Cell Division is VERY easily broken. There are ways to move as fast or faster than him. Hint: Lilu is a decent counter. Further hint: Bumaro is vulnerable to red attunement. 2:) Then why has he never, ever managed to do that vs. me? Even with a full mass, node-spec'd, ultimate'd assault, he takes considerably longer to down a tower than B takes to cast, and if he's a serious problem, you should be using the counterplays to eliminate that problem. You do realize you have 3 lanes that shouldn't really be left empty for long anyways, right? And that if all 3 are being properly covered, it becomes considerably harder for a Bumaro (or anything else) to get in in the first place? TR isn't even as big as Summoner's Rift, the bases in particular due to lack of inhibitors, it's considerably easier to cover your base's front. 3:) To kill towers at all? Because as explained above, he really can't do much more than most others. If anything, Lilu is more broken, but Lilu's cheese does take more skill to apply to full effect. 4:) Press B please. 5:) Learn to use the counterplays. Also, learn to get exp and points off titanites. They're likely part of why he's getting ahead anyways - you're not taking advantage of him and any decent Bumaro knows to use the ae DOT effect on his attack to CS while attacking. 6:) And you know this how? I'm a programmer. Both dealing with adding a barrier and dealing with some of the core lag issues are roles fulfilled by programmers, and given NCSoft's rate of progress, the same programmers. Ultimately, you just need to learn to play TR properly. If you focus on kills ahead of actually pushing lane and getting objectives, you are going to lose. That's how Aeon of Strife gameplay works. Knowing when to pursue Bumaro (almost never unless you have your counterplays lined up to make it efficient) and when to just drive him off, and how to use vision and pressure to ensure no one, regardless of master, gets too much of an advantage on you, are part of the game.