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    Shameful. I am going to make a few very clear and simple requests in light of this. One, if NCSOFT legitimately feels it cannot monetize MXM effectively, please, PLEASE, license the property to a third-party who can - there is no question whatsoever that they exist, and there is no question that making money off the property through license should be superior to letting it rot in a vault of nearly-unused IP for the rest of eternity as City of Heroes effectively is currently. Two, if NCSOFT truly feels that even licensing it won't yield returns, then please at least open-source the game as much as practical, retaining e.g. character trademark and making clear the understanding that it will need to have the relevant character-specific natures removed or specifically approved. Something that will let the fans run MXM servers or something with similar gameplay after NCSOFT's go down. You're already unlocking everything for the sunset, nothing to be lost by letting fans assume the hosting costs and maintenance overhead, especially since it will soften the blow to what's left of NCSOFT's reputation among the MOBA crowd (it's quite clear that 1.3 and various other aspects of MXM's handling have put it on a very bad foot with one of the largest and most vocal bodies of gamers, which can be expected to affect NCSOFT's games in other genres as well, especially if this is handled badly.) Please do not make another City of Heroes of this - that one's still not resolved to the satisfaction of a large percentage of the former fans, and there's still time to avoid this going as badly, or leaving as lasting and severe a negative impression as the CoH sunset did. Please, salvage MXM to some degree, if only by letting someone else do it in a way that still benefits NCSOFT. Don't throw the whole thing in the trash bin and brazenly take the reputation hit that would come with it. How can I ever justify putting money into an NCSOFT product if NCSOFT games continue to go the way of City of Heroes and Wildstar? How can anyone feel NCSOFT even listens to fans at all if management continues to steer on whim, effectively ignoring the fans, when most of the people involved in the game saw this coming the day 1.3 went public? League of Legends provides a very clear example of what works in a MOBA, and what's expected of one, especially in terms of pricing and prioritization. Communication is key, and it was just never really there with Master X Master.
  2. Revive the game

    You might have more luck on the reddit. More participants, less restrictions, and it may take extraordinary measures to save the game in any fashion if the decision makers at NCSOFT won't listen. Of course the most obvious and simple is to revert the 1.3 economy changes and focus on growing the player base so they don't have to charge twice what other MOBAs do to satisfy their goals. But it seems unlikely to happen. I'd love to be wrong on that point, of course, because it would save everyone involved a lot of time and effort in the long run and considerably redeem NCSOFT's rather wretched reputation in the West.
  3. Economic changes feedback

    Hello, As should be obvious from the overwhelming feedback on the issue, 1.3's economy changes are killing the game. Queue times are at an all-time high for most players, guilds are dying out and having to merge, negativity on the bridge is just getting worse and worse every day, and player retention seems to be an an all-time low. The economy changes just aren't viable for the longevity of the game - they are only ensuring that the game will have no longevity, and something like this does not look good on a producer's resume. As something marketed as a MOBA, MXM must compete with the competition or be muscled out by them - you can't expect to charge higher prices and/or longer grind for what is often lower-quality content (often simple recolors with no altered sound or effects) in a much less-populated game where the grind takes even longer each day due to the rising queue times. I am directly asking you to revert some or all of the 1.3 economy changes and take steps to lure back some of the player base that was very clearly driven away by them, before the playerbase can drop below 100 unique players per day - and it already seems to be close. This patch needs to happen SOON - ideally within the next week or two. Many, MANY people are declaring that they're uninstalling MXM - you don't have time to keep asking people to wait and see. Queue times have got to go back down, very soon, otherwise there's no reason for anyone to buy anything in MXM, because the only way they get to actually use it is to either play completely solo or wait what is often a half-hour or longer for just 5-30 minutes of game at most. That just isn't an adequate value in this industry. What use is Natium Defense Line if it's almost impossible to get a game of it going at all, much less one that has any realistic chance of reaching 30? The Natium War Chest has clearly failed - not nearly enough to counter the queue times, high prices, and low returns on money and grind. If you want people to spend money, you have to give them something they feel is worth the money. And you also need to give enough F2P players enough return on their grind to keep the queues from being near-empty; you just can't expect new players in a MOBA to go 30-60 levels in the current slow progression with just a handful of masters of severely crippled selection by the fact that well over half of the current masters cost 18 or 14 SOL, and such a tiny rotation that is further crippled by the inability to upgrade rotation masters. Nor can you expect many new players to start blowing X-Coin on masters when the game is barely playable due to queue times and its future is in serious question. Giving the player base a solid feeling that they're getting a fair value for their time and money is an absolutely essential ingredient of a successful MOBA (something NCSOFT has never so far produced, even in Asia, much less Western markets,) and without it, the game is quickly shriveling up to nothing. Look to your competition. See what they're doing right, and how you can move to compete with them effectively. Save the game from the bad decisions of 1.3, before it's too late. Before too much of the MOBA community is completely unwilling to trust NCSOFT at all. Riot Games sends out a survey every month and one of the questions is how much the player trusts Riot to give them a fair value for their money. That kind of attention is part of why League of Legends has a massive player base with widely-publicized, highly-contested multi-million-dollar world championships, and MXM is struggling just to keep a tiny player base that hesitates to spend any money because the future of the game is so in question. Please, listen to the community for once, and don't take a month to do damage control on what fans were telling you was a bad idea from the moment it was announced, and has now been very clearly proven to be a bad idea as was said. [edited title to remove CoC violation - PhoenixMitra]
  4. MXM Economic Market

    Are they? Because as I recall, one of the complaints on the main discord is that they all left for the NCSOFT one and never came back right around launch, causing no small amount of hard feelings combined with the various other drops in serious efforts re:the game (e.g. marketing) around that time. Last I heard there are still several hundred people on the main one, and a substantial number of them are not happy about the exodus. I also haven't heard of anything significant happening on the NCSOFT one - what, if anything, have I missed? And frankly, I feel stopping short will be too little, too late - NCSOFT needs to seriously reconsider its approach and start actually listening to players, half measures are unlikely to get anywhere.
  5. They need to revert the SOL price changes and focus on lowering queue times by bringing back players and giving them reason to stay - and a valid foundation to convince their friends to join too. But it all starts with reverting all the price, leveling and mission reward changes made in 1.3. The immediate effect on queue times makes it clear that the changes just aren't sustainable and are rapidly killing the game. Why would anyone buy anything related to MXM if there's no one else to play with and their only options are solo content? Solo stages and pure AI TR and CA are not compelling. Natium won't even start without 5 players, and they need to be a very good 5 players to have any hope of getting the SOL. Once that's done focusing on things like letting people queue for multiple modes at once, loyalty/recruitment bonuses for refer-a-friend type stuff, etc could help further. But as-is, if friends won't join and stay (and they aren't,) that foundation has to be made first. MXM has to have enough players to get Natium's queue times down to 5 minutes or less with a decent chance of reaching 30 in a pickup instead of basically no chance at all after 10-30+ minutes of waiting. You just can't sell anything to people who won't get any meaningful benefit from it - what good are masters, skins, or anything else when you have no one to play them with?
  6. MXM Economic Market

    Actually SMITE proves the model succeeds. However, trying to sell 1 episode of a TV show for 50 bucks while the shop down the street's offering 3 seasons for 30 isn't a viable scheme - it's effectively a scam, and nobody would buy that. MXM needs to compete - all masters for $30. It doesn't have a superior product to justify a higher price. On which note, with most of the player base gone, mere halfway reductions are hopeless - the prices need to go ALL the way back, recover the player base, THEN think about raising prices far less in a few months at the soonest. You can't sell x-coin to people who don't play the game anymore and have no reason to come back.
  7. FREE Natium War Chest, where is it?

    I'm pretty sure at least a few more people will leave because of NOT getting these rewards despite staying loyal... especially the ones who bought anything in the past month.
  8. Supid question

    Yeah, they need to revert the SOL changes ASAP. And why bother with Lineage? Same company, same problems, doesn't even have MXM's unique mechanics. I don't see the appeal.
  9. How to grind SOL as a PvPer??

    Queue times make it clear that the time to acquire SOL is WAY TOO LONG for the game to survive - almost no one stays. Where is our promised reconsideration now that it is clear the SOL price increases and acquisition decreases are literally destroying the game?
  10. Can we have the new Sol prices please?

    Indeed. And a lot of other people feel that a full listing should be published well ahead of the patch. There is no GOOD reason not to release this info ahead of time - holding it back only further ensures people feel NCSOFT is not to be trusted. How many times do people need to ask for more information, more quickly, before actually getting it? How many threads on how many separate but related issues are needed? Or will NCSOFT just continue to ignore us all until they decide to close up operations in the Western world entirely due to their business practices not working in these cultures? The approaches used so far do not create any meaningful hype - they create distrust and a strong hesitation to spend any money, and for some, even time, at all on NCSOFT products. When will MXM be a game that I can actually get some of my friends to come back to instead of quickly dropping it with no intention of returning every time one of them tries the game? They're working adults, they aren't willing to put up with how things are being done. Among people I know offline, I'm the last one still giving NCSOFT any chance at all.
  11. no mini games?

    This is taking far, far too long to resolve for the nature of the issue. Why delay yet ANOTHER day when this issue has been ongoing so long? Are people going to get a fair chance at the weekly?
  12. Can we get some kind of reply on ? It's been about 60 hours now, and no word at all. The in-game calendar clearly was not properly set-up to match the published schedule ( ), and I can't find any sort of official comment or published change for it. There is a weekly mission to do 5 games in it which ends quite soon and no one can actually do the mission due to the in-game schedule mistake. Please enable Master Mini-Games ASAP and take steps to make sure this doesn't keep happening. As far as I could tell, we the players have absolutely no way to get issues that come up on the weekend addressed in a timely manner, even when they're affecting a substantial portion of the player base. Either some way to address such issues more quickly needs to be devised and widely publicized, or whatever existing method exists needs to be more publicized than it is, e.g. in this thread would be a start. I am so far very disappointed in what I have seen of NCSOFT West's handling of post-launch technical and logistics issues.
  13. Yuri's Mobility Trait

    OK, to be relatively serious for a moment, her intended function looks to me to be similar to Pancuga but even more extreme and with a different defensive/restorative style. Oh, and with pink hair, a questionable name, a complimentary uniform, and a voice that provokes a "What?" reaction the first time you hear it. She's a massive boatload of pain that can be hard to deal with other than getting out of her range. Her damage doesn't appear to be where it needs to be to fully do the job yet, but 1.2 did make a step to take her further in that direction. You know, the sort of master very few people play but that the people who do play her get very, very good, and dangerous. She has substantial similarities already, and her attunement/role/range are identical. They're not Sizuka, the unevadable squishy of near-instant death - they're the irresistible force you want to stay out of the way of (out of reach of) unless you're playing something similar and feel you can outplay. You'd rather not have these masters near your core, towers and minions...
  14. Yuri's Mobility Trait

    Why, because all the best things associated with the word are at their best when taken slowly and intimately... one must savour Yuri. Don't think about it too much.
  15. Is it really a skill based game?

    That she most certainly would, especially pre-nerf. She'd pretty much be Bumaro, or at least even more usable as a direct replacement for. I was already using her in equivalent role from time to time anyways. After all, if 1 Bumaro is good, having a borderline second in key strengths on tag has to be something workable.