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  1. Is this game dead?

    Just a choice of words, to be honest! I'd say it's nearly dead xD My advices: don't spend money on it, and don't waste your time if the queue goes crazy, just log out and try another day. You can still find a normal 5v5 game (in EU) around 9pm CEST in less than 10 minutes. But I noticed yesterday while playing with a friend that the window in which it's possible is closing. The game seemed to be already dead after 10pm, with queue times exceeding 15 minutes again. We decided at that time to close MXM and do something else. That's another advice for you: if you play with a buddy, always have a plan B, because you never know in advance if you'll be able to play MXM or not, and for how long.
  2. NC Soft, un plan de sauvetage ?

    Si tu as de la chance, tu vas avoir une réponse bateau où l'on va te remercier pour l'intérêt que tu portes au jeu, etc. Sinon, ce qui est plus probable, tu n'auras pas de réponse à ta question. Je te conseille de la poser sur le reddit MXM (, où certains employés de NCSOFT répondent de temps en temps (et pas seulement le community manager). La dernière réponse officielle à ce sujet, c'est qu'ils ont un "plan", mais qu'ils ne peuvent pas en parler pour l'instant... Nous voilà bien avancé, n'est-ce pas ? ^^
  3. I can't find a way to fight sizuka's ultimate.

    Sizuka is supposed to be strong in 1v1 situation. If it's a decent player, he will force you to switch before ult-ing you. Unless it's a Sizuka/Ghost Widow, and he's using the ult to make you switch, so he can then ult you with GW. Also, a lot of masters can avoid any dmg from this type of ult (Lilu, Kat, etc.). Just start being invul when you hear the sound before the ult really starts, easy. Works as well for a lot of single target ults, like Merope's. And if you don't have a solid pick, well, don't try to take objectives alone. Sizuka is squishy and will go down easily in team fights (and as mentioned above, the ult dmg will be split between allies). Good luck!
  4. MXM Ranked queue - RIP Game

    And normal 5v5 is still playable during rush hour, but not everyday. The game's already dead tbh. I hope they're going to sell it to another company, like they did in the past.
  5. Des guides pour bien débuter !

    @VeyrZaThyL Je comprends tout à fait ! La déception est à la mesure de l'investissement, comme on dit. Je ferai sûrement de même d'ici la fin de l'année si la stratégie de NCSOFT ne change pas d'ici là. Bonne continuation à toi !
  6. Terrible queue time

    My policy is simple. If I can find a game in 5 minutes, I play. If I can't, I just log out and do something else. Then I try again another day. There's no point wasting your time this way dude, life's too short.
  7. Terrible queue time

    Not sure how it is in NA, but you can find normal TR games in EU around 9pm CEST , +- 2 hours approx. This is if you're alone or two, forget about being in a 3+ group. 3v3 is dead since mid August. Too bad, was fun and fast paced, a good way to try a new master combo.
  8. Que ce passe t'il sur le jeu ?

    Tout est dit ^^ Je joue encore de temps en temps, quand j'ai la chance de pouvoir me connecter en soirée (car journée ou nuit le jeu est mort). Tu peux m'ajouter en ami si tu veux grouper : BeatOnTheBrat (serveur EU) et Bit (serveur NA).
  9. Des guides pour bien débuter !

    C'est bien dommage, mais totalement compréhensible. On manque de gens comme toi pour faire connaitre le jeu en France, mais comme tu le soulignes, NCSOFT n'a pas levé le petit doigt pour promouvoir le jeu... Je conseille comme toi aux gens de faire un break et de jouer à autre chose pour l'instant, la vie est trop courte pour être passée à attendre une éventuelle partie de MXM ^^ Reviens quand même de temps en temps pour voir où en est le jeu, ça ne coûte pas grand chose.
  10. Make Innowin her shot caller last longer on Bosses

    It's full crit from your team on a target, and the CD seems reasonable enough. Not sure about PvE, but it would be really OP if it lasted longer in PvP.
  11. Terrible queue time

    I'm glad you resurrect this old post to show newcomers that the long queue issue is not a new problem, and is not a direct consequence of patch 1.3 economy changes. I remember we queued for 20 min the saturday after release (the 24th of June) and thought it was a bug... We realised a while after that we had to break into small groups of 2/3 max, or the matchmaking would struggle finding a game at all. Low population (thanks to inexistent advertisement/communication/marketing) and bad matchmaking mechanics were the problem back then and still are.
  12. Suggestions like this have been around since release (and earlier according to some players, I wasn't there). Unfortunately, they have their own agenda, and they don't want to disclose and discuss it. Nothing we can do, man. Except stop wasting our time with this game, and hope something happens someday (which seems now very unlikely to be honest).
  13. Nothing we can do guys, except coming here and on reddit to remind them how bad the situation is. I suggest you take a break from the game and try again once in a while, like once a week to check if a miracle happened. At this point, I think our only chance is to let the thing die, and hope for a reaction from NCSOFT. Anyway, no miracle this week, in case you were wondering ^^
  14. New Player Concerns

    Just wanted to add something about the population. People seem to blame patch 1.3 for the current state of the game (low population issue). But guys, it started way before. The release was chaotic and unannounced. Most players discovered the game either by word of mouth or mere luck while surfing. This applies to me as well, I discovered NCSOFT were releasing a MOBA 4 days before the release (June 21st) on a forum about The Division... For a MOBA just released, the population seemed really low. I remember I felt this forum was really dead compared to other MOBA I experienced in the past (even Paragon's forum is more active, and it's still in early beta). But with my friends we thought NCSOFT will adress all of this quickly, start communicating around their game, fix the most pressing issues during July, etc. Nothing happened in July. No patch, no communication, nothing... The patch 1.1 arrived August the 2nd, containing if I remember correctly only a few very minor bug corrections. But as the pre-season started end of July, I guess people were more focused on playing the game (a lot to farm and to learn) than wondering where the game was going. Then you undestand why the end of the ranked pre-season (mid August, patch 1.2) was a massive blow to the game. The distraction/diversion of the ranked was gone, and now people would look closely at the state of the game. Most of the competition oriented players left the game at this time. There were huge issues still to be fixed (lag, matchmaking, balance, ...). The lack of responsiveness from NCSOFT (none of these were adressed in August), plus their lack of transparency (no deadline for ranked return, no info on future plans such overheat removal, no info on anything really) clearly made us feel NCSOFT had their own agenda and couldn't care less about their community. And then September the 13th, in this context, comes the patch 1.3... The newbie-killer patch, or "how to make sure new players give up MXM after 2 weeks". And again, same behavior from NCSOFT: it's been a month, nothing done so far, and no information about potential solutions. Again, players feel completely ignored. I'd like new players to understand this isn't something new, and that this low population issue is just the consequence of something bigger. As you can see, there's a pattern here. NCSOFT approach hasn't changed a bit since release, nearly 4 months ago. They have their own agenda, regardless of player concerns. Sure, they'll politely reply to your posts thanking you for your feedback and reassuring you this issue is highly important for them... But the game will not succeed until NCSOFT fix the main issues since release: marketing around the game, communication between community and devs, developpers reactivity on vital issues, and information about MXM future. PS: sorry for the long reply
  15. Titus

    I don't know about you, but I heal more or less the same amount (according to the battle log at the end of each game) with Vita or Demenos, with a HUGE difference in utility with these 2 masters. Why would I pick a master like Titus healing roughly equally while having no CC, no mobility or reliable nuking power? That was my point.