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  4. Greetings Masters - The forums are now back online - if you participated in any Alpha's or in the last Beta then you should be able to post. If you find that you cannot post comments or start threads but have participated in any of our tests, please open up a support ticket through your NC account management page. Thank you!
  5. Greetings Masters - We are currently investigating reports of players being unable to post on the forums when they previously could. Once this issue is resolved, we'll update this thread. Thank you!
  6. Hello Suponji, New forum categories will be eventually added as the MXM Community grows. In the meantime the amount of subforums is limited to prevent threads being spread everywhere. The first page of General Discussion already covers the last ~4 days or so which is more than enough. If we get to a point where threads start to get pushed to page 2 after less than a day then we'll definitely rework the forum structure.
  7. His passive is far better than it's being given credit for. It also stacks with itself.
  8. At the end of the day what matters is if your team has won or not. It shouldn't be needed to have numbers telling you how good you performed as an individual. You know if you played well during a match or not. It's actually more concerning to see that many players want every single of their action constantly rewarded nowadays and that's how we end up with "scores" that are meaningless in games because everyone is earning points for literally anything. Score in Titan Ruins is a mean to achieve victory, the only thing that matter, the thing shared with your team. Score isn't an indicator on how well you performed, your winrate is. Score isn't taken in consideration when calculating MMR/Rating either, winning or losing is. So granted you may be seen as useless by some members of your team at the end of a match even though you fulfilled your role, but is that important if you led your team to victory? Only players at lower ratings will think that way too, in higher leagues with knowledgeable players your teammate will be able to tell if you were actually a good support or not even if individual numbers don't display that directly.
  9. Founder's Packs will be available until just before launch. We'll let you know well in advance when we're getting ready to take them out of the store. :)
  10. We haven't announced anything yet but we're really happy with all the of the feedback we were able to get from CBT. We'll have more information for you in the coming weeks.
  11. It would be best if you drew it, as the contest rules do specify an "original design". :)
  12. We need your help Masters! We've been getting your reports both here and on Reddit regarding high latency and we're looking into it. We do however need those are experiencing issues to give us some more information, if possible. Can you respond in this thread with the following: Your location? What regional server you were on (NA or EU)? Service Provider? Ping rate? In what game modes were you playing? Time of day? Solo or grouped? If you could provide us with as much detail as possible, and please keep the topic informational and free of discussion, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  13. Great questions, and no, you won't be disqualified for providing your inspiration as long as you have one submission that shows us clearly the actual, completed design. OMG! You stole my stick figure design!!!! I kid! Yes, again, as long as you're showing the finished idea, all is well.
  14. Communication should be first and foremost done by pings when in a public match, I do agree that pings should be reworked to become more useful as they currently are (that's a separate topic however). Not everyone speaks English (that's something which should often be reminded to players located in the US, in Europe most players are fairly aware of that). Voice communication is only effective with players speaking the same language fluently. So when you remove: Players who don't speak the same language fluently Players who are afraid to use voice communication for various reasons (harassment, shy, being in a noisy environment, no microphone etc.) Trolls / players who wouldn't really contribute anything valuable You will often be left with half of the team at best using voice communication. What's the point then? It's even worse for the 2 remaining players who won't be able to communicate with the 3 others. Again voice communication not being present natively doesn't mean no voice communication at all. External software exist and are well established within the MOBA Community. Regarding the last bit: "Cause no one ever wants to discord ETC :/", well maybe there's a reason for that, and it goes beyond the fact that using an external software is a hassle, especially today considering how Twitch/Discord are user friendly and well accepted. Last, as Stigtrix, the study Riot performed was actually very informative and proved that native voice communication lead to more toxicity.
  15. Hello, Hardware cursor visibility is definitely an issue and it's something we escalated to the development team. It doesn't mean that it will change for launch, but it's something we flagged!
  16. In terms of how long it would take to unlock Kat "legit" I got just shy of 250 ant rings in a few hours. You can do it in a single rotation of the level if you're efficient.
  17. The server issues should be resolved now. Apologies again for the inconvenience!
  18. Hello everyone, We'll keep messaging server status update on our dedicated Twitter Account, @PlayMXMOps so do not hesitate to follow that account! Tweets by PlayMXMOps
  19. There are intermittent login issues with the server, but people are in the game playing on the bridge now.
  20. Yes, we are trying to resolve the server outage now.
  21. Servers are back down again. We are working with Devs to resolve the issue now.
  22. We are actively investigating an issue with an outage for the NA server. We will keep you updated when the server is available again. Apologies for the inconvenience! Server is now back online!
  23. Have you already opened up a customer support ticket? If yes, what's the ticket number? If not, please do and let's see what can be done on our end.
  24. Hey Harambae, This seems really weird, have you reached out to our Customer Support to let them know about this issue? We are playing MXM here from the office using Ethernet Connection as well but never encountered that issue. (I also use Ethernet at home, no issue either.)
  25. It would be just a bit weird to remove Titans from a game mode called... Titan Ruins. Titans being the foundation of this game mode. It's also a bit backward to solely design a game around eSport. First and foremost the game must be enjoyed by the players themselves if we want to have a competitive scene around it. We can't only design something around what viewers might enjoy, otherwise you take the risk of making something that could be entertaining to watch, but not to play... and if no one wants to play, there won't be anything to watch. Pressure and map control are actually performed by making Titans spawn at the right time. Right now everything is a bit messy since the meta isn't really defined, players are still discovering the game and so forth, but eventually teams will learn to control Titan spawn and put in place strategy where Titans will be used to actually control the map. While the opposite team might be busy with a Titan, they won't be elsewhere on the map. As Lim said you can also time a double titan spawn. You can also use Titan spawn as a diversion to actually spend time either capturing Altars or other objectives on the map.
  26. Hey All - I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that we're talking about this more internally. We don't have an answer at this time, but it's something that we are definitely talking about. If there are any changes, we'll let you know. Thanks for your valuable feedback and input.
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