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  2. Well I mean.. how does this game compete with league of legends and DOTA? Smite even? It doesn't help that newbies are more likely to get raged at in Titan Ruins because TR literally not friendly for new players. I love this game's mechanics but this game is legit fated to die at this rate. It doesn't help that PvE is repetitive and just about playing carefully and countering by attunements. But there is hope, so long as MXM doesn't try to be a MOBA and be something different I think it can attract players. For example, what they can do is make Combat Arena much higher skill cap for example. No more rotations if there's more emphasis on Combat Arena so new players can get in, all mechanics this time but MORE COMPLEX. They could make the meta game more interesting by having like 3 playable tag characters UMVC3 style instead of 2 and/or make it so that there's like 4 abilities on each character instead of 3. Make Combat Arena high skill cap as hell so that this game can become a league of it's own without having to compete with league of legends. I want to see this game destroy battlerite and eventually become strong enough on it's own not as a MOBA but as something else. It doesn't have to be my idea, but something HAS to happen. This game CANNOT compete with LoL/Hots/Dota or w/e MOBA it's trying to compete with. The least that they could do is make MXM a league of it's own.
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  4. I have a suggestion can you maybe at the achievement interface make a new section that is called ''hidden'' for all the hidden achievements maybe?
  5. Most ranked players I could talk to would say the opposite. Also, queuing with over 3 people will *always* take a long time.
  6. Well, all things you said above are things that I usually do. And I appreciate your tips because they are very useful. You said unrequested, but even being unrequested I really liked the way you answered to this. I watch the map everytime as much as I watch the number of enemies. Sometimes we may not have sights to see the whole map but I am always checking the number of players around and what they are doing. So if anyone went for rozark or tanian I would know. I am not good at solo killing enemies. Sometimes I see players that kills 2-3 at once being alone in certain place. I am not able or skilled to do that (unless I am able to 1vs1). but I think my strength as player is strategy and support. I am always the one running matches with titan's protection. My strength comes in assisting kills/protecting allies or supporting on killing tanian/rozark. I have 70 wins/68losses and 17fled. The reasons I can tell you why I fled on those matches were: being disrespected, screen freezes and disconnection. Sometimes I just won't bother to come back. Sometimes my screen freezes I can hear everything that's happening in the game but I can't see or do anything. I have to force shut down and come back, what can take a while. And it only happens in MxM. But despite anything that happens in the match I don't offend anyone. People can say I am a bad player as much as they want, but anything different than that I will take as offense. I am an adult and it is a game. The main reason for losing matches is that being with randoms not always people play as a team, even high ranked people. Some of high ranked don't know how to play as a team, they think that killing a bunch of titanites, killing some enemies and calling people noob is how you win titan ruins and it is not. Ive been in groups that would play as a team and apparently we were not good in pvp, but everyone would listen what was said on chat and follow pings and even having less points, not many kills, we won. I could say the main reason for my silver rank is fleeing matches, since I was platinum for over a week when ranked started. Anyways the main subject here is the offenses that were made, and just to alert people that they should respect each other, or they may end up getting banned. The guy first offended someone in "all" chat who was playing tulam calling them trash and after we all left he came to my pm and said a lot of bad stuff. I couldnt do much playing vonak because every jungle were I was, even on our side, there were 2-3 enemies trying to kill me, so I had to back off or die. I decided to back off, since even when I would ping a spot noone would show up. I lost a tanian kill when it was almost dead because the other team came over and I had no back up. That run was really bad for the team and we got pratically 'rapped', and he got mad because he was demoted. I get upset too or mad when I lose some matches when I see everyone is doing non sense stuff, Including me, not being able to do anything. But well, I dont offend anyone, I just apply and try again. Hopefully they can do a better match when ranked season starts and we can play with our tier people.
  7. I cannot play this game anymore if i finished my daily missions,about the unranked 5v5 game if you are level 80,the matchmaking will still put you with some lvl 15-10....basically those sizuka/lua heal players,spamming incarnate and other shits, making the game frustrating as *cricket*. Ranked was really good because you can be sure that most of time there no newbie like that in your game ,its 100x more enjoyable than unranked And I rarely find peoples in nightmare mode too
  8. Am i right ? I'm on EU server Since we don't have ranked anymore (until september) and an inexistant communication from NCSOFT about the future of the game wich could rassure players and make them stick to the game . I have now a friendlist full of offline , 2x longer queue time in PVP/PVE . I'm not here to flame but well am i alone to feel this ? NCSOFT don't do the right things to make the game appealing famous and make players stick to it . Exemple , streaming, advertising, publishing What do you think ? What can we expect of this game ?
  9. I haven't received any token that's for sure , and yes i have 140+ ranked matches done . I just checked again my mailbox .
  10. Hey @Chuurie- all items have been distributed.
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  12. @Juji Any idea to when you guys will be done with the giveaways?
  13. Bonsoir! Bon tout d'abord sachez que c'est absolument pas mon style de demander des solutions sur un forum, mais là j'en viens clairement à me demander si nos amis de NCSoft n'ont pas fait une faute de traduction ou demandez deux succès juste impossible, je m'explique. Certains succès dans les niveaux nous demande de tuer "Tant de mobs" de la même espèce, jusque là rien de trop compliqué si on sait jouer seul et qu'on cherche bien dans les niveaux, j'ai réussis à tous les faire, même ceux en extrême à 90 points, seulement il y en a deux de ce type, j'ai eu beau me taper la région 3 fois (donc les 4 niveaux) dans chaque mode de difficulté tout seul je ne trouve absolument à aucun moment "4 hôtes régénérant" et "3 hôtes destructeur" dans le labo de rentu en une seule fois! J'ai trouvé du 3 hôtes reg et 2 hôtes destructeur, pas plus. J'aimerai avoir un éclaircissement dessus, j'ai même péter tout les incubateurs de la chambre d'incubation pour vous dire! Si il y a une solution j'aimerai l'avoir, je n'ai plus de force d'investigation, et c'est un gros chasseur de succès qui dit cela! x) Merci d'avance.
  14. For Pancuga devs made dodge time shorter than the animation for Light Stepper. Which makes you vulnerable between uses of Light Stepper. That was really uncalled for.
  15. pancuga they nerfed his combo damage, its not really passive, as you have to press a button and use it in the 1.5 second window between skills. they nerfed his invuln frames, to the point thats its not reliable over a network, either that or the invuln frames arent on intial button press. statesman they basically made him stay on the ground longer after the drop kick, which means the thing you hit recovers slightly before you do, and you stay still for longer, so less mobility. I think it messes up flow f the charachter.
  16. I'm well aware it's shorter. What I'm saying you're vulnerable a split second before animation is finished. And thus you can't chain iframes. Is that so hard to understand? Yet there you go with your half a step theories. Play Pancuga yourself and see for yourself if you're not convinced.
  17. same for me , it should stay like it is , but it should appear after 5minutes . The system of last hit is good and normal for a Moba , that is the point , of take the risk to go , do your best to finish it , or try to invade rozark to steal if from the other team . This is a strategic objective .
  18. Hey @Chocolate - thanks for the feedback. Absolutely fill out a Customer Support ticket and report your findings to them. Our CS and Tech teams would really appreciate it.
  19. Ah, you're a little mistaken. I'm not convinced "this dude made half a step." I am convinced that this player has not adjusted to the changes made to Pancuga's Light Stepper and made a false claim that he "got hit before the animation was finished" because his own evidence suggests otherwise. If this was a threat to discuss ability chaining, then by all means. I'm on board, I'll grab a pitchfork, I'll join your rally, but the original concern your post had was about animation duration and "dodge time." It may take some time do adjust to, but Pancuga's Light Stepper i-frame does have a shorter duration now. I wish you the very best of luck out there :^)
  20. I watched it a hundred times and I didn't make a step. I was knocked back. And it's not the first time I noticed that something is wrong with Light Stepper after patch either. I recorded with the plan to capture it on video. And I did. Now you can keep slowing down the video and keep convincing yourself that "this dude made half a step", I don't really care. What I care about is that Light Stepper can no longer chain iframes.
  21. Could you slowly re-watch your own clip? Your animation concludes and you even take a step after (right before you are struck by Keeper). I don't think anyone is a fan of animation delays that a number of Masters were greeted with, but in your own clip, your animation is over, you take a step, you get hit.
  22. Nonsense. You can still see Pancuga's crouched down when he gets knocked back. That is part of animation from Light Stepper. Besides, now due to the animation delay you can't chain Light Stepper dodges. In the vid I wasn't aiming to dodge the attack with first use, I was planning to use it twice in a row which would guarantee 0.8s immunity. However, I couldn't because now there's a small vulnerability window between light stepper uses that was never there before.
  23. You were hit after the animation finished. If you watch your own clip carefully (0.25 speed), the animation finishes and you even take a step to the left (Pancuga's right). You simply used Light Stepper prematurely. If you are watching your own buffs, it isn't the Light Stepper buff duration that grants you immunity. It is a green icon that grants "Immunity to enemy attacks." You are hit without this buff active. PROOF (from your own video): As you can see, the actual "Immunity to enemy attacks" buff is the green one shown above. You are in the middle of your animation and immune at this time. In this screenshot, you have finished your animation and remain within the Keeper's hit box. You are hit shortly thereafter. After watching this enough times to capture these screenshots, the animation lasts just as long as your immunity buff does.
  24. Thanks for such kind words :) I'm happy to know the time I put into this has not been wasted! With the pre-season over, I'll be updating the spreadsheet to reflect on what we've learned since then. Mainly just updates to the NOTES section detailing Playstyle, Skill Sets, Stats, Weapon Upgrades, etc. Overheat will be out of the picture by mid-September, so I'll also be getting ready to update the page when those changes roll out. Anyways, once more, I'm happy that this has been able to help so many! I check back here every now and then if someone has any questions! I'm happy to help.
  25. since the age of times objectives have been given to the lasthitter. and honestly i dont see any improvement in balancing the game if u give the team that dealt ##% damage on a objective the property of it. so i stay with the actual rule.
  26. Thanks so much again for your great work to MxM community, for answers and for all updates you have done. It certainly help us all to get the best of our masters. Saving us time from all that calculation and providing us a fair and simple guide for nodes and master's builds. Today I've answered MxM survey about the game and some questions about the gameplay was easier to to be answered positively because of what you do.
  27. [UPDATE] since i dont like to flood forums, i update this thread of mine. is it possible to modify training arena so we can use the traits like in TR? is it possible to have 100% nodes effects? everything in the name of research and improvement. thank you
  28. except 1.2.6. in which u are totally right, rest is not in my wishlist of things i would like to know. i agree moreover on mixed rankings. i lost my 2 promo because of team imbalances and that made me stop playing ranked for 4 days till 16/08. being this your first moba, and this kind of moba is different from others more popular (lol, dota), i give you some unrequested hints: - look the minimap . half of your time in game must be spent looking minimap. - pings. they are good when telling advices. i had hundreds of newbies that push lane when minimap is emtpty. then they die ganked by 2-3. why? - learning from mistakes takes 1 match, not months of suicides. what i do now? why i do this? why i move there? finding reasons to previous questions make u a better player. there is only a point in which i tend to disagree, because your reasons are not strong. "having fun and doing whatever i can to have fun". since your freedom ends where mine start, there is a limit to that sentence. calling you/me a bad player when playing poorly with no way to see you/me trying to fix my/your errors is not bad, because we look for improvement. wishing death and stuff like that should be instabanned.
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