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  2. I don't think the lifeguard one is exclusive since you could buy it during the betas but it's hard to say since launch since I got most of my skins in the founder's pack. I know the CBT ones are tied to buying the founder's packs.
  3. Well I only do PvE mode solo and I don't PvP anyway. I do switch around masters from time to time. I do have my favorites but I try out the others too when I take the notion to.
  4. Honestly, I didn't even notice it till I seen more players bringing it up. I guess I was oblivious to it since it was with mostly characters I don't play that much, haven't unlocked yet, and/or already have a favorite skin I like that had no changes that I know of. I do find it a little odd that throughout the alphas and betas there was no change till the launch. Does it bother me? Can't really say since I didn't notice it right away but it does make a few skins look a tad bit odd though now that I notice it. I will say it does effect the choice of skins I'll buy later down the road.
  5. Well MxM does have controller support if you look in the options menu under the Gamepad tab. It has a disclaimer though that it's still under development though. I've used it a few times while it's not that bad, I don't like the current setup for it. Needs some remapping in which it might come eventually.
  6. if you have crit nodes/crit master that's """ok""" I guess but if you don't, better get weapon damage, crit or pen. (and the regen if switched maybe, the one I use). Nothing else is good atm - cuz not the maximum).
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  8. Well only have 2 titles that give a buff atm but I use the Vermin Exterminator title buff. +12 Crit Strike Damage
  9. Basic attacks/left click attacks: Lilu's basic attack gains slightly increased range during the overheated period. This is not mentioned anywhere in the tooltip and is odd because one can get off, at most, a single attack off during the overheat period. Razor Beak: Razor Beak's tooltip fails to mention that it only includes attacks that connect with opponents. This is inconsistent with other tooltips such as Poharan. Wingrider: Wingrider's tooltip does not mention the duration of the evasion period which is inconsistent with pretty much every other survival skill. Bird of Prey: Bird of Prey's tooltip is inaccurate and states that one has to recast Bird of Prey to initiate Eagle Slam. In actuality, Eagle Slam is initiated by left clicking .7s after Bird of Prey is cast. Bird of Prey's tooltip fails to mention that the target lifted will evade all attacks for the duration of the lift and that Lilu cannot be lifted which is inconsistent with Screeching Crest's tooltip. Bird of Prey cannot be cast on CC immune allies. I am unsure if this is intentional or not as most other games tend to allow allies to be CCed by support skills intended to help the target. Bird of Prey's 3rd level upgrade not only increases the cast distance of Bird of Prey, but it also increases the cast distance of Eagle Slam as well as the maximum throw range. The tooltip should be updated to reflect this as it is much more than it would seem. Bird of Prey's 6th level upgrade states that it only stuns enemies at the center of the shockwave when it stuns at any point of the shockwave. Eagle Slam: Eagle Slam will bug out and be unable to cast(causing Bird of Prey to just hover the target and then end) if an attempt is made to cast it outside of a 15m/17m radius of Lilu. This tends to be a problem as the radius shown is also 15m/17m large, making the skill incredibly difficult to get its maximum range out of as it will not work if one attempts to go slightly too far with it. Eagle slam will also fail to initiate if cast too late during its duration. Talon Swarm: Talon Swarm's tooltip is inconsistent with the very similar Len's Focus(albeit Talon Swam is the one with the tooltip that makes sense). Talon Swarm's 3rd level upgrade does not mention if the radius of its stealth reveal increases, only the attack. Birds of a Feather: Birds of a Feather's tooltip states that it grants CC immunity, but this is not entirely correct. There are a few CC effects that are capable of affecting Lilu during Birds of a Feather. One of which that occurs every game is the titan which has the capability to pull all enemies. The skill is also slowed by some movement speed slows inflicted beforehand(some seem to be cleansed on skill use), which seems odd for a set distance movement skill that has CC immunity. Birds of a Feather's tooltip fails to note the duration of the movement speed buff, which is inconsistent different from some other tooltips(and really should be present). Bird of a Feather indicates the AoE of the movement speed buff in the tooltip and attack indicator before the skill is even upgraded to have that capability. Bird of a Feather's attack indicator is inconsistent with other attack indicators in its style, making it harder to determine the if an ally will be hit by the movement speed buff Feather Crest: Feather Crest's attack indicator is shorter than the actual range. Feather Crest's tooltip does not mention if the charm is lost on enemy tag out which is inconsistent with screeching crest mentioning so. Screeching Crest: While the tooltip of Screeching Crest might indicate the skill's AoE, the attack indicator does not. While this is consistent with other skills, it would be of great help to have it shown.
  10. I think you can buy the "Nickname Change" token for 1990 X-coins in the in-game shop to change it. Haven't used it myself but I think that's what it's for.
  11. Attunement works in pvp, title doesnt (if I remember well - that would be retarded if it does imo)
  12. Bonjour à toutes et tous, Alors pour faire simple, j'ai pris l'initiative de créer un groupe français Facebook pour tous les joueurs de MxM et souhaitant partager leurs moment fun, recrutement de joueurs/guildes ou même des guides/gameplay ! Ceci est un groupe ouvert à tous, je devrai juste confirmer vos ajouts afin que vous puissiez voir les publications. Une charte a été établie fin que tout se passe dans les meilleures conditions, je vous demande donc d'y jeter un coup d'oeil afin de ne pas être déçu si tel ou tel poste est supprimer ou signaler ! Voici l'adresse du groupe qui, je l'espère grandira très vite et avec une communauté exemplaire :) Lien : Master x Master France Partagez un MAXIMUM à vos amis, groupes de jeux, etc ChewingGum (Administrateur du groupe)
  13. Lets not get sour here over a few bad games. I typically find Marksman to be good at lane pressure, I play Poharan (Really I only ever play Poharan) and find she's simply amazing at hyper pushing lanes and sieging towers. Her Suppression fire is really amazing for team fights as well, but she lacks good escapes. So split pushing and Seiging alone with her is very dangerous but can be very rewarding if she gets away with it.
  14. Actually, I was making a joke on there's no specific meta in the game and ADC/Support is league references. But y'know, you're prob one of those players who tries their hardest to seem professional but still get stuck in Bronze.
  15. I personally want to see guild houses so I can get away from the horrors of upside down. Also being able to raid guild bases would be cool if it was like City of Heroes where the guild gets to setup a, turrets, minions and even a boss to fight I know they have a lot of other things that need down/fixed first before they do that, but yeah.. would be cool.
  16. So i was talking with this with some of the people from my guild the other day how one of the things that MxM does is that it seems to allow you choice with little consequence by not doing it, the topic was about guilds. how the guild boons virtually have NO necessary boons that can help (with the exception of roster increase and stage +1 bonus reward), the permanent boons are all "get more score" and then guild missions, which also just gives score. You seem to be getting score almost just for the sake of score. I would love to see the guild system be something more, i know you can do guild battles of some kind which is one step but i'm thinking something like skins that can only be unlocked from guild or unique titles or getting x coins through the mission system. The guild mission system seems like a really awesome idea but it seems wasted that its only guild score. Am i the only one who think this?
  17. i want to be able to press ESC and see the current stage records/challenges for this stage so i can try something out. and actually finish them, theres like +30 stages or something and i cant remember all 30 list of challenges lol. or add a button for it.
  18. do the titles/attunement count for pvp arena (5v5 / 3v3) ? lets say "the merciless" +2 crit , and attunement helix vs kinetic in pvp ?! do i get 15% more damage against kinetic heroes then if im helix or what? or is it just for stages.
  19. As the title suggests, Bumaro's passive which increases his movement speed the less mass he has, is active in mini games, giving him a massive advantage. He is about 50% faster than any other master, making any race, and most other mini games impossible to win against him.
  20. Honestly if it wasn't for the PvE I probably wouldn't be playing this game. I personally love the boss fights in Brutal/extreme, can be more challenging than PvP depending on the level tbh
  21. i can't even use shift to use skills there, i have error message, i can't run in a diagonal while casting a jump skill to scape i need to stop for 0.5- 1sec, i can't even use right click to use a skill? i wonder i am not trying correctly because there is no way that are you not even able to use shift in an action based game with keyboard.
  22. Hallo ich suche eine deutsche aktive gilde
  23. There's a bug going around that matches people with bots in Titans mode and that's probably what you're experiencing. As for matchmaking in general I think at the moment, only Arena has hidden rating which matches you with players of appropriate skill level but I don't think there's one for Titan mode.
  24. Ich hab schon Werbung auf Youtube gesehen. Außerdem haben viele Youtuber und Streamer die etwas mit Mobas zutun haben Kurz MxM als Productplacement angespielt. Also sie machen schon etwas
  25. Well that's probably what the publishers thought themselves hence the lack of Australian servers but if I had to make an educated guess, it would range anywhere from 3k to 10k players on release that are just trying it out and retention would be another story. This game in particular was not well marketed so I'll say about 3k minimum is a generous number. We don't have servers normally because the publishers (NCSOFT in this case) didn't purchase any server space in Australia. As mentioned above, most companies from the northern hemisphere do not consider Australia or SEA to be profitable in general (?) so avoiding the optional costs makes sense from that perspective. Personally, having SEA servers is completely justified. SEA includes all the Southeast Asian countries along with Australia, that's well over 10 if not 20 thousand players on a BAD DAY especially cause MOBA is an extremely popular genre in places like the Philippines and Thailand. I'm not sure NCSOFT considered any of this. Profits are made from catering to the RIGHT masses and if they'd had done any sort of market research, they would know their game would be most popular (retention-wise) in SEA, not NA nor EU.
  26. Assault/Marksman yea, they exist, so they are suposed to be played, but you are probably one of those TDM type of guys, who only try to kill enemies instead of playing it strategically with proper team comp.
  27. Support/ADC was a thing in MxM? LOL
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