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  2. Gold Increase / X-Coin Conversion

    @Sunshine Just to ask, not sure what the server population knocking about is currently or even what peak times are, any chance we could just be given a lump sum of gold as a login bonus? Or even just mailed around? If not the above, maybe the current login of 5,000g to maybe 500,000 per day? If not per day how about just 50mil gold as a one time thing so I can maybe max everything and have a bit of fun. Considering the cost to up master skills or even dismantle style tokens, the 5000 doesn't really cut it. (Its not like anyone is at a loss from this ^ ... bar maybe me time-wise but still..)
  3. No... This game killed itself.. I played Since the BETA and Day one when it came out. Being a top player... I enjoyed the hell out of it. It pulled me from league. But the game never got over the SERVER problems lag was insane in ranked and normal play. Not only that what pushed me away was that they doubled the cost of champs with SOL.. cuz they were not making money from x-coins... I loved this game but when they pulled that greedy shitty move yeah no thanks... I am glad this game is done... Sorry for the devs but you guys messed it up urselfs
  4. Is that a problem of the European server only or what?
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  6. Gold Increase / X-Coin Conversion

    You'd think they'd make everything free like Marvel Heroes or most games did when they were closing. Psh.
  7. To preface, I would like the game to continue as much as the next MXM-er, however, for the forseeable future it seems I have to make the best of a bad situation it would seem. On this note I'd like to ask the dev team to increase the gold/login rewards, more of an incentive to log in at all really. I suggest that method first as I assume it would be easier than implementing a system to convert x-coins or use them to purchase gold. This would be of help to those who at least want to attempt to cap out characters during the MXM-pocalypse. Thanks. o/
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  9. Wunderschönen guten Tag euch! Als ich erfuhr das MXM sich verabschiedet war ich Anfangs sehr traurig.. Dennoch habe ich überlegt, was man machen Könnte um sich an MXM zurück zu erinnern, bzw. es noch "Lebendig" zu halten. Ich als League of Legends Spieler dachte mir den Vorschlag zu machen Riot zu Kontaktieren, und den Master Xero als Champion vor zu schlagen. Warum Xero? Wie ich finde hat Xero ein mega gutes Kit und viel Potential, und daher vor Kurzem auch bei LoL ein "Teen Mädchen"Champion erschienen ist dachte ich mir wäre es passend wenn ein "Teen" Junge die Kluft der Beschwörer erreichen würde. Ich habe dies schon im Support vorgeschlagen die ihr best mögliches tun dies weiter zu leiten, und mir sagten ich solles dies hier nochmal probieren um die Aufmerksamkeit zu erreichen. Ich weiss natürlich nicht ob dies möglich wäre, und ist einfach nur eine Idee die mich und sehr Wahrscheinlich andere MXM und LoL Spieler sehr freuen würde Ich hoffe ich hab eure Ünterstützung liebe MXM Spieler. Lasst mir mal euer Feedback da! Ich hoffe ich hab die Aufmerksamkeit des MXM Teams auf mich aufmerksam machen können und bitte euch natürlich nur mit eurer Einverständnis dies wenigstens zu versuchen um eurer derzeitigen Spieler ein kleines "Danke" zu hinterlassen.. Niemand möchte die Zeit von MXM vergessen und ich denke diese Idee würde viel bewürgen. Haltet mich bitte auf dem laufenden liebes MXM Team würde mich sehr freuen! :) Liebe Grüße ErenDragneel aka. Nico
  10. A few people on the game and the subreddit were mulling over the idea of a Gofundme or some kind of crowdfunding project as the best possible way to help keep this game running. Several people on the bridge expressed interest in raising funds to help NCSOFT keep the servers running and generate consumer interest in the game. Of course, NCSOFT themselves would have to be game to it, which is why I'm bringing the idea over here where NC reads. It turned out a lot more people than me also had this idea, and someone on the sub explained how and why it's surprisingly viable: "Actually it would make much more sense to kickstart/crowdfund/crowdsource MXM release. Launch more promotions, make better and more westernised monetization model, get in touch with japanese branch to have japanese voice pack, launch on steam, get better server locations, revise pve/pvp balance and event calendar, request from devteam revised content updates, launch more events and tournaments with better production quality and prizes, etc....That's actually a lot easier than it seems. There are 2 obvious problems. If there is a business plan about MXM already. If this is the case NCSOFT simply won't bother, unless their potential profits will be higher in proposed new scheme. And more important problem. Someone has to do it. Legal matters, talks, documentation, investments, hiring people and acquiring resources, etc. Just contacting right people in the NCSOFT to have general understanding of what they want and if whole idea is possible. Someone has to do it." This is something I would absolutely support if the ball got rolling, and I know a lot of other people--current players and prospective new players alike--who would also support such a thing. If a campaign were started up and it was covered in a few gaming publications or the news was spread via YT livestreamers/let's players, etc, this could get pretty big in regards to funds raised. So what do you all--and especially the NCSOFT reps themselves reading and moderating--think about this as a possibility? Do you think it could be done? Would NC be willing?
  11. MXM tire sa révérence

    Donnez nous la possibilité de host le jeu on continuera de le faire vivre, j'en ai vraiment plein le dos de cette génération naze tous des moutons, les seul jeux innovant sont ceux qui ne marche pas, tout le monde se fou du game design de nos jours la com' se fait sur le "4k gtx 3000 néonxx trololol" sans dec', J'ai pas eu le temps de beaucoup jouer mais dès le départ j'ai adoré le concept, un moba avec de nouvelle mécaniques, rapide dynamique avec aussi du pve un hub centrale etc etc Parfait. Je suis vraiment mal de savoir qu'on pourra plus y jouer :'( edit: par exemple le vendre en rajoutant la possibilité d'host j'achete instant, je suis certain qu'une petite commu' se formera pour faire tourner des serveurs.
  12. If charging back is an option, you should probably take it now before that option expires. It appears that the only reason Marvel Heroes gave refunds for founders pack purchases is because Microsoft stepped in (which they probably did because something so disastrous never happened for their console system before and it threatened to ruin a lot of consumer good faith in them), and that's not going to happen for this game.
  13. I found out this game only through Blade and Souls, you didn't invest anything into promotion and marketing to the west. And the result is this. This game is awesome by the way. Nothing like that has been seen in the moba world.
  14. MXM tire sa révérence

    Pas moyen de le laisser " open " un peu comme Evolve stage 2 ^^ , il est téllement génial ce jeu , ca change trop de League of rageland ... vraiment dommage
  15. I asked for a Founder's pack refund via support, but no luck.
  16. Maybe it really is futile. But I just thought, if us fans don't give up on the game then maybe NCSOFT won't either... How truly powerful is an MMO's community in the face of company business decisions?
  17. Please feel free to open up a support ticket - there is nothing that we can do for you from the forums as we don't have that control over player accounts
  18. Event details updated. 8 Teams Registered.
  19. Event details updated. 8 Teams Registered.
  20. MXM tire sa révérence

    pourquoi ne pas essayer de changer la plateforme du jeu ???? Au lieu de viser les gamer pc qui sont déjà fidéliser par Riot essayez plutôt de vous accaparer les gamer PS4 ce serait une meilleure option
  21. At least 2 teams registered, looking to get 4+
  22. Why MXM is viable now and shouldnt shut down

    I'm not disagreeing with that, that's for sure. But it's the sad truth that they're cheapskates anyways. They've been cheapskates about MXM since day 1, really, considering how slap-a-dash the PvE content and progression system is. Which is a real waste considering they had great base gameplay to build upon but apparently weren't willing to spend the money to actually build upon it.
  23. You can not fix snapshot networking in a patch; it's a huge undertaking. You're redoing the game interactions.
  24. NA server dying, invest In SA server Pls

    We need global servers.
  25. Agreed. They claim the game is not viable, nothing is sustainable, and they can't maintain a demand. Yet they're region-locked. You want to know how to increase demand? You set up servers in areas of the world where the game might be more popular!
  26. Why MXM is viable now and shouldnt shut down

    If this company can't spend money in order to satisfy customer demand (and therefore MAKE more money), then that's terrible business and they should not be a company.

    SA is a great community of gamer Having server here is easier to divulge I really love this game, please. Create Server SA, this would be fair
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