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  2. Yeah, it looks nice even though it might be mistaken as a rip-off from League of Legends recent skins, it also fits the MxM theme since a lot of stuff (in lobby for example) look high tech, i hope that at some point there will be skins where not only the costume is changed but the abilities get changed too... i'll be sure to look out for those :)
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  4. Yay, glad to see them all now! Gotta say, I love Boblebaguette's the most. Good luck to everyone though, they are all very nice!
  5. Thanks dude, I don't wanna get banned.
  6. Ah :/ d'accord merci ^^ Et du coup il y aurait des infos concernant une éventuelle date pour la sortie du jeu ? il faut aller où pour se renseigner s'il vous plait ? Merci en tout cas de votre réponse :)
  7. Bonjour Chat, Il faudra en effet attendre la sortie officielle afin de pouvoir commencer à jouer, il n'y a pas d'accès anticipé prévu pour MXM en revanche il te sera possible de réserver ton nom avant les autres joueurs :) Si tu as d'autres questions n'hésite pas !
  8. Pings should always be supplemental unless there is no voice. Solely relying on pings is detrimental to a team game that is based on fulfilling objectives as a team. They will never be able to relay complex commands or strategies without the use of: a ludicrous amount of hotkeys a chat wheel that would likely get you killed chat commands that most people wont memorize or remember in a pinch and will likely lead to death or typing which will then have to be read by the team and depending on length will also likely lead to death If they don't speak English you cant do much about it. From experience on US East servers I would likely only find English/Spanish speakers I speak both so I usually play the role of translator. Although this in itself can be easily supplemented by giving options to choose primary language. It will never completely fix it but it helps. Either way, the inability to speak a language. Does not discredit voice chat. would you remove text chat for the same reason? If someone is cursing at you in greek would you even know? Similarly to the way people insta mute Brazilian Portuguese speaking players on global text channels. Muting voice works fine for this... This would NOT be a detriment to foreign players because voice never takes over the use of pings as even while voicing a command a ping is given for directional purposes. (Although in most cases no pings are given regardless of voice... yay team lol) The voice chat would suffer the same flaws as typed chat. Typing to a foreigner will result in the same inability to understand a command It would likely benefit foreign players a growing player base and community pressure will eventually lead to more countries having their own servers. Essentially paving the way for voice chat unrestricted by language barriers Actively using voice to speak and listening are two different things. If 3 people can communicate and the other 2 cannot like you said. It doesn't make it worse for those 2. In my experience with 8K+ hours of Dota2 it makes it better for them: if there is a decent plan and action being taken by the other 3 they should and in the most likely case would be asked to participate. I often add people to my discord and/or friendslist even if they don't use voice if they are willing to listen and work together. Even when I am the only one speaking I almost always receive commends and several point tips on dota 2 after having led my team with a competent strategy. It has been my experience in my 8K+ hours of dota2 that games when no one used voice at the start. Then one person who started to speak upon realizing that we are losing. Could single-handedly re organize priorities and lead a team into an epic comeback. The biggest reason I have found people don't join discord is because of what you claim NOT to be the problem. They say they don't want to download it, they don't want to sign up for it, they don't want it slowing down their already slow pc or connection. I own a channel with 673 members originally for DOTA but has evolved into general PC gaming. I have it set up to not require user account creation for those people. But it does take some work to convince a Stranger to join mostly due to the second biggest reason I have come across when asking to host a discord people do not trust links from strangers. I don't blame them. Relying on third party software can easily lead to a stolen account. Furthermore without a proper linking of the MXM client and a third party chat software. Invites will always rely on trusting strangers. It will inconvenience the more conservative players who just want to run a game and go. Not run a game + an app for a feature a TEAM game should already have. Funny you mention that. Because they've actually decided to implement voice chat. Here is a post on the company explaining why it was wrong to turn down the feature in the past. Riot is finally bringing voice comms to League of Legends It actually echoes an idea I gave in my previous post. To use an opt in system. Also stressing the same points I touched on. Which I believe make a rating system a valuable asset.: Focusing on making it a friendlier experience. a rating system would work well for this. They mention that friend's don't insult one another and if so that is not a friend one would want. A rating system makes it easier to make good friends. Overall voice could in fact be beneficial as I mentioned before. The use of a rating system provides incentive towards not being toxic. That is all while ignoring the fact that RIOT conducted this study using their game and a third party software. This secluded chat system cannot be seen as a realistic study on the effects of voice chat in a game. With the players in game unable to hear the voice chat. It is no wonder that they reported an 126% increase in text chat toxicity, with a voice chat players receiving 50% more report even though the others had no idea they were in voice. Why? It is simple really: If part of the team cannot hear the plans going down. The ones on the third party voice software will grow annoyed and think of them as useless noobs who should uninstall. Likely they blame the failure of their plans on the people who have no idea they are in voice While the ones in game limited to text would wonder why these guys are attacking them verbally in text chat. would most likely attack back would obviously feel insulted would obviously generate more reports for the voice users even while being unaware of them being on voice. I wouldn't say it is logical to cite or side with an outdated study lacking proper control groups. It's a shame to even call it a study. Even Riot believes they were wrong to not think of improving it and simply shutting it down. But since you want to talk Statistics and Studies lets talk about dota 2 which showcases an actual non secluded and longer+currently running actual implementation of the feature. "77% of players have 0-2 reports." This is a Real current statistic on the Dota2 report card summary feature. 77% of the player base for Dota2 is a huge number of players a huge number of players that are not being actively toxic in a game with mixed chat voice and text. Yet the results for Riot painted a different picture on their own improperly carried out study. Now from personal experience. (I have 8K hours+ on dota 2) The most common toxicity I see is toward foreigners. But they can't understand each other so umm lol. Yet even that is sparse very rare occurrences of people being down right angry on the mic, offensive etc. Usually no one really speaks on the mic and I'm the one talking and leading my team to victory. If I'm lucky I might find someone or 2 with voice who I quickly add as friends :P But when the toxic encounters happen and they do and will happen. I simply press tab and click on the mute button :D! I encourage the rest of the team to do the same if they were bothered by the person. I tell them things like "don't worry about going all keyboard warrior on that dude just ignore him and lets win, hes just baiting you." or "it's not worth it report, add a time stamp, mute and move on". Simple things like a reminder of the mute function, can make what could have been a bad situation into a good game. This is a functional example of voice chat doing the opposite of what that bogus study claims. In the age of social media it sucks to see this wave of antisocial MOBAs all citing "toxicity" like if it were some sort of movement. While Dota2 remains a perfectly functional example of existent but not prevailing toxicity. Although their Low Priority as far as I have seen does both fuel and stop toxicity. While In fact their addition of a report card like rating system has led to a noticeable drop in toxicity. Voice on MXM with the use of a rating system like the one I outlined in my previous post. A rating that would be on your profile as a badge or a blemish. Which do you think people would prefer? the badge or the blemish? If Dota's report card like system has led to drops in toxicity even when not being shown to the public. It can easily be concluded that people like to look good and feel good about themselves. It also can signify a change in what most people used to use as a defense to their toxic behavior. "nothing will happen to me if you report me, go ahead report me". The addition of the report card states otherwise and disproves their defense. All while showing a count of your reports. Toxic players must now realize "oh snap I better chill out" since Low prio is hell online. Removal is not the solution to better online interactions. Removal is nothing but amputating a leg because it itches. It does not seek to treat the underlying cause and it has more negatives than positives. Oh and as Riot so kindly studied for us, Third party Software leads to increased toxicity. Therefore claiming available 3rd Party Software does not help your case on toxicity increasing due to voice chat. In fact that "study" makes your entire argument crumble under it's own weight.
  9. Salut tout le monde, Alors voilà, j'ai acheté un pack fondateur, j'ai installé le jeu via le launcher, mais quand je lance le jeu et que j'essaye de me connecter, ça me dit que le jeu arrive pas a se connecter aux serveurs (error N2119), du coup je sais pas si on peut jouer et qu'on doit attendre la sortie officielle du jeu ? Car ça serait vraiment con d'avoir acheter un pack fondateur, et de devoir attendre la sortie du jeu pour pouvoir y jouer ..... Alors que en plus, le jeu sera normalement free to play :/ Avez-vous des solutions ? s'il vous plait ? Merci d'avance :)
  10. 1. Hellacious 2. Brother Orin 3. Ralphy 4. Omegaphys 5. Boblebaguette
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  12. Are you sure you are talking about Master x Master? - Games that let you choose your appearance are MMORPGs not MOBAs - It's pretty normal to not have "costumes" during the BETA version of a game since IT'S ON BETA... - There is a mouse movement mode i tried it and my friend used it because she's not used to move using WASD Crying about a death game is useless, City of heroes will never come back no matter how much you cry.
  13. Hello again! I tried to implement @Phys's suggestion: After Expanding a master when scrolling down the name and the filters stays on top :) See you!
  14. At first I thought the idea of a “true” multiplayer game was wonderful. I actually believed we would be able to have true body flight as well as be able to design how each of our characters would look, monster, cowboy, tall, short, fat, thin, etc. the mission were terrible. The flight was ludicrous the choice of player designed costumes was non- existent. Mt right hand is partially disabled from my tour in the US military. Therefore it took almost all of my concentration to figure out how NOT to use my mouse to guide my character. Here’s, in part, my submission from before: “…..I still would prefer to be able to use my mouse as the primary controlling hardware instead of using various keys. Not all people are skilled typist cannot automatically find W. A. S, D, Q, or E even though they are all grouped together. In addition there are some with hand or which struggle with finger disabilities and are able only to use one hand. Allowing the option of dedicating the mouse to be available as primary Hero controller would not be much of a developers challenge.” Closing comment: I’ve played in several NCSOFT’s Closed Beta game releases and not one was as unready as MxM was. It was if the developers just threw it together without using xxmp, or even C++. I’ll be cautious the next invitation I receive from NCSOFT. I believe the devs wanted the truth and waited until I could express it as clearly as possible. I’m still a huge fan of NCSOFT and still cannot understand or has anyone I know heard why they are so reluctant if not downright arrogant about bringing back City of Heroes. That’s just the documentable truth. aka, Doc Artz, EnChancer Cowboy2511
  15. There was already Ranked system in beta. Its kinda same as in LoL or HoTS.
  16. I am wondering if there is going to be a ranked mode in this game ,probably not at release but later on down the line. If there is will it have bans and pick because at the current amount of heroes this would be impossible and even later on down the line there will be up to 20 masters in a game at any given time with the tag system. If there is a ranked system i would also like to see if people have different ideas what the ranked names could be because i would like it to be different to the typical bronze to diamond as this has been everywhere and gets kinda old. Can you gives give any ideas of what you would and any other opinions on if you want ranked or not.
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  18. Hey @Phys! Nice, merit of your suggestions! I will see what can I do about this during the coming week, I like the idea! :) Yes you are right, I still need to update some stuffs, I am a bit lazy on that sorry! ;D Ty!
  19. Hello this is my first feedback so please be gentle. 1. I reaaaaally like this game it is a fresh new Make with a twist everywhere. 2. The Masters are from known games of NC so i have good experience with some characters. 3. 2 Issues first: The R (Ultimate) is accessable from the start. this is a Problem where you can easily go and raid other players which dont start with leveling the R from start. second issue is when you Play Phase you cant play with 4 players it is sad when i have 3 friends and want to play with them. My Conclusion: The Game in all is really good an i cant wait to play it when it comes Official released. :D
  20. Bonjour à tous, Les forums sont désormais de retour en ligne. Si vous avez participé à une alpha ou à la dernière bêta, vous devriez être en mesure de participer. Si vous n'êtes pas en mesure de poster un commentaire ou démarrer une discussion et que vous avez participé à l'un de nos tests, merci d'ouvrir un ticket de support depuis votre compte. Merci !
  21. I like it better than before, feels more readable. Personally, i would like it if the charachter name/info stayed while you scrolled. In fact i think its better if the scrolling doesnt require you to scroll back up, or hit go to top, although go to top isnt horrible. I am viewing it on a desktop though, so perhaps on mobile its not feasible. Some of the Data is old/incorrect, but i suppose it wont make sense to change it until release, since they may change some things again. (mostly talking about some of the unlock conditions)
  22. Hallo zusammen, Die Foren sind jetzt wieder online, und alle, die an einer unserer Alphas oder der letzten Closed Beta teilgenommen haben, sollten nun wieder Beiträge hinzufügen können. Solltet ihr weiterhin keine Kommentare hinzufügen oder neue Beiträge erstellen können, obwohl ihr an einem unserer Spieltests teilgenommen habt, so reicht bitte ein Ticket bei unserem Support ein. Vielen Dank und viel Spaß in den Foren!
  23. ...hey all! I couldn't write on the forum anymore but now it's fixed <3 So here some updates of the site ( I decided to display Affinity Nodes as a basic information for all the masters (previously was visible only after EXPANDing a master). Now you can find similar masters, click their Attunement icon/Role/Range or Nodes affinity to show only masters in the same category: (click again to remove the filter) I hope it helps, any suggestions/feedback are really welcome! Thanks and have a nice weekend
  24. I wanted to bring up the issue I find with rank where lowest ranked players get priority to pick Masters before higher ranked players. Maybe its just the lack of communication I personally don't want to bother with every game but I don't think the highest rank player should have to beg for his/her two preferred masters between 4 other people because they get banning priority over everyone else. Maybe adjust banning between 2 people instead of one person and randomize who gets first or last picks instead of giving the highest ELO person on the team left to pick from what hasn't been taken yet.
  25. Greetings Masters - The forums are now back online - if you participated in any Alpha's or in the last Beta then you should be able to post. If you find that you cannot post comments or start threads but have participated in any of our tests, please open up a support ticket through your NC account management page. Thank you!
  26. Hallo zusammen, derzeit ist uns ein Problem bekannt, dass dazu führt, dass Spieler, die vorab in der Lage waren im Forum Beiträge zu veröffentlichen, dies nicht mehr können. Während wir an einer Lösung arbeiten, halten wir euch über diesen Thread auf dem Laufenden. Wir danken für euer Verständnis!
  27. Bonjour, Des joueurs nous ont signalé qu’ils était incapables de poster des messages sur le forum. Nos équipes analysent actuellement ce problème et nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement ce fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur l'évolution de la situation. Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée.
  28. Greetings Masters - We are currently investigating reports of players being unable to post on the forums when they previously could. Once this issue is resolved, we'll update this thread. Thank you!
  29. Hello Suponji, New forum categories will be eventually added as the MXM Community grows. In the meantime the amount of subforums is limited to prevent threads being spread everywhere. The first page of General Discussion already covers the last ~4 days or so which is more than enough. If we get to a point where threads start to get pushed to page 2 after less than a day then we'll definitely rework the forum structure.
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