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  2. Terrible queue time

    Just an update on the whole situation... ever since I got back into MXM, the queues have also been terribly slow for me, such as when I've tried playing Titan Ruins; which took me at least 15 minutes to find a queue(I normally queue solo btw). Another time being when I queued for the Black Ram Supply Chain, and I got nowhere in the queues at all, so I literally had to get someone that was level 99 to carry me through so I can get my eyepatches to unlock Poharan. This game is great and all, but there are some essential issues that need to be fixed, if possible. This is a screenshot of a queue that I've been in for the event on 4v4 capture as of today.
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  4. Is this game dead?

    I haven't seen the new halloween event game mode because of the queue time... so sad. It is sad because the game is so good, the best moba in my opinion, but there is no entry.
  5. Is this game dead?

    You have to understand that the vast majority of the players were raised with the pre-1.3 SOL/XP/Xcoin acquisition rates. If you give someone a bag of gold at the start but then later suddenly take that away and leave them with a single coin instead anyone would get pissed. If you had given them a coin to begin with they won't know better, and things might have been different. The changes in 1.3 were too big, too many, and too sudden. It was a panic move, not a well-thought out solution or gradual change. Big changes have big impacts. After all the lag issues (2+ months of lag and unplayable situations -- in a ping-based game), the delay and then 1-month pause of ranked 5v5, the insane X-coin prices and more, 1.3 was the final nail in the coffin for many. Ideally they'd undo these changes, but since they need to make a profit too the least I would suggest is for them to listen and seriously consider the elaborate suggestions of players for a new economic system. Something like a middle ground. And act on that before it is too late. Now I am pretty sure the guys we see here (Sean, DD, Rumpalo etc) are all open to this, but if their higher-ups would rather have a game expire than listen to the players (which would entail a loss of face and put a dent in their personal reputation) there is not much that can be done. Sadly.
  6. Is this game dead?

    Im curious why did the changes in patch 1.3 cause this i didnt see anything out of the ordinary sure the changes to x-coins and the exp changes were kinda drastic but you still get free x-coins dont be spoiled lol plus the exp changes are ok imo because you can basically get 100% exp boosts for free via the guild haha dunno why. Thanks tho for the reply yap weve been palying battlerite/smite/paragon or lol if MXM takes too long hahaha >.< even overwatch well i hope they fix what's caused this
  7. Is this game dead?

    Just a choice of words, to be honest! I'd say it's nearly dead xD My advices: don't spend money on it, and don't waste your time if the queue goes crazy, just log out and try another day. You can still find a normal 5v5 game (in EU) around 9pm CEST in less than 10 minutes. But I noticed yesterday while playing with a friend that the window in which it's possible is closing. The game seemed to be already dead after 10pm, with queue times exceeding 15 minutes again. We decided at that time to close MXM and do something else. That's another advice for you: if you play with a buddy, always have a plan B, because you never know in advance if you'll be able to play MXM or not, and for how long.
  8. Is this game dead?

    since everyone is so vague about it I'm curious is it dead? I've come back after a 3 months break and realise that you can't play any of the modes anymore(well i mean without horrendous queue times) . Alot of other topics kinda agree with it being dead but what i really want to know is it being worked on? cuz i really like this game but at this pace it will most likely be gone in the months to come. So should I spend any time on this game or move on/wait? on the plus side i really enjoy the halloween music in the lobby it is amazing and the make over on top of that is glaaaaaam <3 i hope something changes soon
  9. Terrible queue time

    Dead server only steal the money Asta la vista.... adios.
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  11. Terrible queue time

  12. NC Soft, un plan de sauvetage ?

    Si tu as de la chance, tu vas avoir une réponse bateau où l'on va te remercier pour l'intérêt que tu portes au jeu, etc. Sinon, ce qui est plus probable, tu n'auras pas de réponse à ta question. Je te conseille de la poser sur le reddit MXM (, où certains employés de NCSOFT répondent de temps en temps (et pas seulement le community manager). La dernière réponse officielle à ce sujet, c'est qu'ils ont un "plan", mais qu'ils ne peuvent pas en parler pour l'instant... Nous voilà bien avancé, n'est-ce pas ? ^^
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  14. Terrible queue time

    Record ! Make better guys ! :D
  15. NC Soft, un plan de sauvetage ?

    Record à battre ! Un jeudi soir tag jusqu’à 23H00.
  16. Dear Devs, something that MXM needs !!

    To see the skin of the chars the other players choose before a stage is a great idea. I prefere using a skin the other player does not use (when we for example both use Taijin I use the gangster-skin) so that I dont get confused during the stage when many things are happening and both chars stand next to each other. :-)
  17. Something that MXM needs ! i know u guys are currently busy with sooo many things .... but ild like u to pass this on to Korean Dev team or NCW dev team to implement into UI 1. Skins people who own skins chose to buy skins cause they want the alternate look and cause they want to show off ...... MXM doesnt allow any room to show of ur skins sooo wen a player owns a skin and uses skin of master as representive can u make it so that icon for personal profile as well as friend list shows that uve got a skin on ?? example 1 : in addition to that wen people use skins of masters in titan ruins or pvp or anything in game no one gets to appreciate skins or people who own them cause they sooo into playing the game ... but there are places where skins can be showen off such as loading screens to games if something like this ( shown in example 2 is implemented would make it nicer for us : example 2 : this would encourage people to buy more skins should boost ur sales by a bit more 2 . master selection during any game pvp or pve ... wen it comes to picking masters pls let there be a permanent filter option that remembers ur filter settings every match/stage or an option to keep ur most favorite masters in visible range rather than scrolling through the list, like it does for people who own over 30 masters + free rotation it just gives the scroll bar which is quite annoying i feel a select box/region should be allocated where u can keep ur top 12 fav masters !!! this would be the best option !! would help game alot .... in the long run these are just ideas ild like to suggest, its not 100% nessasry for the game..... specially with current state of game where we have little to no new player retention or a steady playerbase .... but i keep having faith MXM will rise up to its former glory .... and wen that day comes ild like these changes to be in it specially master selection
  18. Halloween Event Feedback

    Why have so many different game modes if you want players to only play 1 mode then? For instance, I enjoy 3v3 the most but I just can't force myself to queue 3 min+ for a fixed 5 min game that only rewards with ~200 exp, ~40 gold and ~2 medals.
  19. Halloween Event Feedback

    I would love to be able to have this bridge year round, but yeah, it's super cool and thanks for the thoughts! Regarding your feedback on Hardpoint Capture - thanks so much. With 5v5 being our flagship Arena, it's intentional for the earnings to be higher in that mode. That being said, Hardpoint Capture is a limited time only event so changes to the degree you have suggested probably won't happen this round but it doesn't mean that changes can't be made for the future and I'll be trickling this feedback up for those future events. As for the Halloween Gift Box, as said before, nothing is set in stone and I'll let the team know your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!
  20. Let's start with the good things first. The new bridge looks great. Especially on max. settings with bloom enabled and combined with the new theme song it really conveys that Halloween atmosphere. All the NPCs also using new skins and having new voicelines for this event also is a nice touch I can appreciate. Then Hardpoint Capture. Definitely a fun gameplay mode. Fast-paced and action packed with just the right duration per match. For me it is the long-awaited hybrid between 3v3 and 5v5, a fine balance between PvP and objectives. It coming with 2 maps right off the bat is also a nice bonus, something Titan Ruins could also benefit from. Variety is the spice of life. Now onto the bad things. While a nice mode, I do feel that the XP rates for Hardpoint Capture are rather low. At level 85 I receive ~600XP raw for a win, less for a loss. At my level that would entail 63 wins in this mode for one level-up = 1 SOL. I had to rely on the 100% bonus XP from the event, an XP booster and guild boons to get decent rates, and even with those 5v5 still has a way, way better payout. The Halloween Gift Box you get for 100% activity seems lackluster. A chance at 1 SOL when it is incredibly hard to reach 100% to begin with since there barely are enough people left to start a game? Yeah, I don't see many people actively playing for this one. It would be worthwhile getting to 100% activity if this box for instance had a guaranteed random amount of SOL as the base reward (2~3 with maybe a small chance at 5). Things like having a small number of X-coins (50~100) in the reward table as one of the options, maybe even a (very) low chance to receive one of the event skins would have been nice. But as it is this box or event won't be bringing people back to the game beyond them checking out the new bridge and playing a few Hardpoint Capture modes.
  21. Bonjour, Je souhaitais tout simplement ouvrir ce post dans l'espoir d'avoir une réponse à cette question : - Que comptez vous faire pour MXM ? J'ai completement arrêté de me connecter au jeu récemment et c'est une première pour moi, non pas car le jeu n'est pas "bon", mais car on ne peut même pas y jouer. Je ne vais pas crée un énième post ouin ouin personne ne TAG, mais c'est malheureusement le plus gros problème de ce jeu. Ma question est simple, que comptez vous faire pour ce jeu ? Avez vous prévu quelque chose ? Un MOBA sans compétition ne peut fonctionné, pourquoi ne plus rien faire et rester dans le silence ? Bref... pour faire simple, MXM est laissé à l'abandon ou va t'il y avoir un développement du jeu (non pas en terme de contenue in-game)
  22. Des guides pour bien débuter !

    @Schmurtz Ce n'était pas un stagiaire mais le CM principal de NCSOFT, mais NCSOFT n'est pas capable de nommer un CM par jeu et préfère avoir un CM pour plusieurs jeux en même temps. Tu comprendras vite pourquoi le mec s'en bas les couilles et fait le strict minimum. Il est trop focus sur Blade and Soul (comme tout NCSOFT en fait) pour s'occuper majoritairement de MXM !) Ma communauté a été vraiment géniale, tout le monde m'a soutenu et j'ai aidé pas mal de monde à s'améliorer et c'est ça le plus grand des cadeaux, tant pis pour l'argent perdu, je ne remercie pas NCSOFT ni les félicite, mais en tout cas ce fut une belle expérience ! @SamCN La stratégie de NCSOFT n'a jamais changé depuis des années entières (c'est pour ça que Wildstar a croulé, que blade and soul est pay to win, que MXM est un mort né et que Guild Wars 2 a été une déception auprès des fan du 1 et qu'ils ont eu l'intelligence (ArenaNet) de se débarasser de NCSOFT pour qu'ils puissent mener à bien le projet tout seul) Bon vent à toi aussi ;)
  23. Pumpkins are back in season! But set down your pumpkin-flavored coffee, cookies, and cakes, and push aside your pumpkin-scented soaps, air fresheners, and mouth washes—it’s time to get back to basics and carve them up for fabulous prizes! More details on how to participate can be found in our news post!
  24. Hallo, wir werden am 18.10.2017 ab 13 Uhr Wartungsarbeiten an den MXM Servern durchführen. Während dieser Zeit werden alle Server nicht erreichbar sein. Im Moment gehen wir davon aus, dass die Arbeiten 3 Stunden in Anspruch nehmen werden. Bitte behaltet diesen Thread im Auge, um über Neuigkeiten auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben! Wir bitten euch die entstehenden Unannehmlichkeiten zu entschuldigen. Um sicherzustellen, dass ihr keine Informationen zur Serverwartung verpasst, folgt bitte unseren Twitter-Accounts @PlayMXMOps und @PlayMXM_DE. Tweets von PlayMXMOps
  25. A la date et heure suivante, nous effectuerons une maintenance de tous les serveurs. MXM sera indisponible pendant la durée de la maintenance. Nous vous invitons à consulter régulièrement ce fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur l'évolution de la situation. [Date et heures] Le mercredi 18 octobre de 13 h à 16 h (heure de Paris) * La durée de la maintenance est sujette à changement. [Serveurs affectés] - Tous [Détails] - La mise à jour 1.4 Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée
  26. Starting on October 18, 4:00 AM PDT / 13:00 CEST, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 3 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Server maintenance Game update 1.4 (Patch notes will be linked when servers come back online) For server status updates please follow the @PlayMXMOps Twitter account. Tweets by PlayMXMOps
  27. Terrible queue time

    Let's wait for a response from NCSOFT.
  28. I can't find a way to fight sizuka's ultimate.

    Sizuka is supposed to be strong in 1v1 situation. If it's a decent player, he will force you to switch before ult-ing you. Unless it's a Sizuka/Ghost Widow, and he's using the ult to make you switch, so he can then ult you with GW. Also, a lot of masters can avoid any dmg from this type of ult (Lilu, Kat, etc.). Just start being invul when you hear the sound before the ult really starts, easy. Works as well for a lot of single target ults, like Merope's. And if you don't have a solid pick, well, don't try to take objectives alone. Sizuka is squishy and will go down easily in team fights (and as mentioned above, the ult dmg will be split between allies). Good luck!
  29. MXM Ranked queue - RIP Game

    And normal 5v5 is still playable during rush hour, but not everyday. The game's already dead tbh. I hope they're going to sell it to another company, like they did in the past.
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